Mahjong Titans Unblocked

Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans Unblocked

Mahjong Titans Unblocked is an interesting board game. Match two similar tiles to remove them from the board. Clear all tiles in each level to win. Looking for similar symbols horizontally or vertically. Use hints in difficult situations to find a match. Enjoy a familiar user interface with many diverse panels. Plus, intuitive graphics and very easy control options.

About Mahjong Titans

Mahjong Titans Online is one of the floor games that you will love to play. All puzzle games have huge popularity, and are preferred by most players everywhere. Especially non-player games. The focus is on discovering 2 similar symbols or elements in a vast painting. At the same time, you need to be faster in detecting matches before time runs out.

Although the idea seems similar in most games. But each game has a different design and features. If you want to take on an interesting challenge to solve this puzzle. Then play Mahjong Titans. As usual, your main task will be to match two tiles that have the same pattern. Once 2 tiles are removed, new shapes appear for you to match. There are 144 different pieces on the board.

Remove all tiles before time runs out. The shape of the painting also changes at each new stage. The original game includes hundreds of different shapes and designs. Mahjong Titans was developed by Kristanix AS. Currently, the game is supported by many platforms. Accordingly, you will enjoy playing online through your browser.

How To Play Mahjong Titans?

If you are a fan of item-matching games, then this game will be very familiar to you. Your task is to match 2 tiles on each click to remove them from the board. These tiles include different shapes. For example, dots are distinct circles, bamboos are distinct lines, and characters are distinct Chinese characters. There are hints and aids that you can use at times. All you have to do is move the tiles using your mouse.


  • Great matching game.
  • 144 tiles.
  • Complete challenges.
  • Various panels.
  • Intuitive graphics.
  • Simple user interface.


Kristanix AS


Use the mouse to play.

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