Yahtzee Multiplayer

Yahtzee Unblocked is one of the fun and wonderful dice games. Where you can meet with 3 friends to enjoy rounds of the game in a multiplayer challenge. The game depends on your skill in throwing the dice with a small amount of luck. If you manage to get the highest score among your opponents, you will win the match and you can move on to a new match.

The game has a rich screen and very entertaining and social gameplay. The game also includes familiar graphics, beautiful designs, and attractive effects. You can play the game through your browser online for free. Play Yahtzee online through our website now and enjoy the best experience.

About Yahtzee

Yahtzee Online is one of the great board games with a mixture of puzzle and dice elements. Dice games are among the oldest entertainment that people have resorted to for decades. Where the ideas of dice games differ from others, and some of them include blind ideas and require focus and a good understanding of the rules of play.

Also, there are some games that rely on concentration and luck 50 to 50. But Yahtzee has the perfect mix of tactics, strategy, and luck to keep you entertained. The game was developed by Code This Lab in 2018. Now the game is available for all platforms, and you can play online easily. Test your dice game skill by challenging 3 different opponents in each match.

Each player has 3 different attempts to roll the dice. Complete the 3 throws or you can suffice with one. In the end, the winning player is the player who achieves the highest points through the number of rounds. Use your talent to roll the dice and apply your strategy to beat your friends and have fun.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Yahtzee Online?

As we mentioned above, each game has different dice, dates, and a different game idea. Same thing on Yahtzee. You roll 5 dice and must try to create different combinations such as a full house, big straight, or three of a kind. In each roll you will have to select one of the scoring categories for each dice roll, and here lies the use of strategic skills in the game. If you manage to score 5 converters of the same number, you will get 50 points.

Not only that, but you can get a bonus of 35 points. This is in the event that your score in the left column is greater than 65 points. You should try to create better combos in each stage in order to be able to get the highest possible number of points at the end of each match. It depends on your intelligence and part of luck to beat your opponents. Start playing Yahtzee now and enjoy this unique adventure.

Different Combinations Of Yahtzee

Yahtzee has different combinations of scores. Where the left side contains numerical scores that must be counted together. On the right side, it contains the degrees of the specialist, which include:

  1. Big straight (five numbers in a row i.e. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).
  2. Little straight (four numbers in a row i.e. 1,2, 3, 4).
  3. Chance (score of your five random dice added together).
  4. Full House (two of one number, three of another number).
  5. Three of a kind.
  6. Four of a kind.


  • A fun dice game based on strategy.
  • Familiar user interface.
  • Challenge 3 players in each match.
  • Get the highest points to win.
  • Rich screen.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • Real sound effects.
  • Easy control.