Monopoly Unblocked
Monopoly Unblocked


Monopoly Unblocked

Monopoly Unblocked is a very fun strategy board game. Explore the world of commerce and real estate, build homes and businesses, and collect rents and fees from other players until they declare bankruptcy. Improve your property with homes, hotels, and other facilities.

Throw the dice carefully in order to get the best numbers that will drive your opponents into bankruptcy. This game includes a rich user interface, main game modes, and very enjoyable gameplay. Enjoy playing online through our platform and get the best experience.

Introduce Monopoly Online

Monopoly Online is one of the building games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. If you are interested in trade, economics, and real estate fields and want to become a successful businessman one day. Then this game will make you live this wonderful dream. The game includes various gameplay elements such as strategy, construction, and puzzles. This will make you enjoy an exciting game and you will be addicted to playing every day. Moreover, challenge other players from around the world in multiplayer mode.

Monopoly was developed by TeamLava, as the game is available using HTML 5 technology. Moreover, you can easily enjoy playing online through your browser. This is because the game is supported by many different platforms. A goal of this game is to break into the real estate market and build houses and hotels to sell or collect rents. All you have to do is throw the dice and choose the numbers that will lead you to move around the board to land on a specific square.

There are 40 different spaces including Opportunity Spaces, Community Fund Spaces, Corner Spaces, and Tax Spaces. When it is your turn, you will roll the dice, depending on which square it stops on. Based on this, you can collect tax fees from your opponents, make money from rents, and monopolize the real estate field forever. You must preserve your wealth and drive your opponents bankrupt in order to win.

How To Play?

Monopoly Online is considered a strategic game that requires a degree of intelligence in managing the game. As we mentioned above, you have competitors in the field of real estate trade, and the challenge will not be easy. So use your own style to push them through the market and dominate the real estate industry forever. First, players choose their own unique game piece and are given an equal amount of starting money.

Each player then takes turns rolling the dice to determine how many spaces they must advance in a clockwise direction. Every time your opponents access GO, you will get $200. When the player owns all the properties in the color group, he can start building. When other players pass by your buildings, they will pay money and fees. Same thing for you.

Therefore, if you can preserve your wealth and drain the money of other players. Then you will monopolize all the real estate and become the winner for sure. Otherwise, if you are well familiar with Monopoly rules, this game will be very familiar to you.


  • Strategy building game.
  • Monopolize the real estate business to your advantage.
  • Drive your competitors bankrupt.
  • Collect money and fees.
  • Explore the board spaces.
  • Familiar user interface.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse to play.