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Universal Paperclips
Universal Paperclips

Universal Paperclips

Universal Paperclips Unblocked

Universal Paperclips Unblocked is one of the interesting idle clicker games. Where you can manage the production of your own paper clips and manufacture durable wires to provide the largest possible amount of staples.

This game includes a unique and unusual idea and will probably bring you a lot of fun while playing. There are not a lot of complicated rules, with simple graphics and a familiar user interface. Play Universal Paperclips online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Universal Paperclips

Universal Paperclips Online is a unique idle game that you will love to try. Idle games usually rely on clicks, which makes them easy games that many people prefer. There are also many of these games that include a gameplay that is rich in many activities. At the same time, there are some simple games that include a unique and entertaining idea at the same time. One of the most prominent of these games is Universal Paperclips.

The game was developed by Frank Lantz. Currently, the game is available in HTML 5 format, and you can enjoy playing online through your browser. Your main task is to manage the production of your paper clips. So you can buy wires, monitor production, and make as many pins as possible. The more pins you produce, the more money and rewards you get. Start the game now and try this unique game.

How To Play?

All you have to do on Universal Paperclips is click to produce pins. Your main task is to manage your own paper clip production business. In the shop, you will create your own paper clips manually. After some time you can get Auto Clippers to double the output. Also, gradually the cost of wire will increase and more passes will be needed to ensure continuity of production. Use the mouse to play from the desktop. Or you can use the touch screen if you are playing on mobile.


  • Unique clicker game.
  • Produce the largest amount of pins.
  • Bought wires to increase production.
  • Get Auto Clippers.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse to play.

Gameplay Video