Russian Car Driver
Russian Car Driver
Russian Car Driver

Russian Car Driver

Russian Car Driver Unblocked

Russian Car Driver Unblocked is a fun and exciting truck and vehicle driving simulation game. Where you can use your driving skills to control a vehicle across a wide map and many roads. The main vehicle in the game is the powerful Soviet ZIL 130 truck. In addition to a group of other cars.

This game will give you a real feeling of driving with many realistic details. If you can master the control options, you can enjoy many aspects of the game. Also, the game includes HD graphics and wonderful effects. Play Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 online now and enjoy the best experience through our website.

About Russian Car Driver ZIL 130

Russian Car Driver HD Online is an interesting car-driving game. If you are looking to have a fun time playing your favorite car games, you often choose driving games. Such games allow you to explore a vast world and realistic details by sitting behind the wheel and driving your vehicle through cities, forests, and fields. In addition to learning more maneuvers and skills that you can use during police and gang chases. One of the most prominent of these games is Russian Car Driver.

Which will give you an exceptional experience while driving the truck. The game was published in 2018 by Falco Software. Now you can enjoy playing online through your browser and have an amazing driving adventure while playing. When you start playing Russian Car Driver you can choose from 6 different game modes. Also, take advantage of the customization features to upgrade and develop the truck.

As well as play career mode with simulation and arcade style. This game contains huge maps in diverse playing environments. In addition to wonderful 3D graphics within the gameplay. Besides, turn on the radio to listen to exciting music while driving. Sometimes chases will break out with other vehicles and police cars, giving you a real feeling as if you are driving your own car. Start this adventure now, drive your vehicle and explore the world in front of you.

How To Play Russian Car Driver Online?

Although most driving simulation games require a lot of control options and you may need some time to master all the skills. But on Russian Car Driver, it’s a little different! Where you can learn driving skills and create your own style in a short time. Because the game includes familiar and intuitive control options. Moreover, master more tricks while playing Career Mode. Roam freely across the map and discover stunning landscapes.

Also, indulge in challenges and participate in different missions to become the best long-distance truck driver. Create your own garage and customize trucks. In addition to upgrading items and other enhancements. Drive classic trucks and modern vehicles and unleash your skills. Explore a huge map that includes many areas, streets, and wonderful views. Play Russian Car Driver HD now and enjoy driving your car.

Russian Car Driver Advantages

Huge Map To Explore

There are many wonderful places and beautiful landscapes that you will drive through. For example, explore the city, the squares, and the streets. In addition to forests, deserts, and other different playing environments. Because this game includes a vast map system with many different areas.

Game Modes

There are 6 main game modes in this game to choose from before starting to play. For example, play Career mode and enjoy the arcade and simulation elements. Plus mode of parking, traffic, climbing, rally, and tournament.

Upgrade & Customize

This game includes a customization system such that you can personalize the vehicles. Moreover, create your own garage in order to enjoy the upgrade elements and develop your car to become better and restore its strength.


One of the most prominent features of the game is the realistic and stunning graphics design. This game includes 3D graphics and a realistic style in many details. In addition to stunning landscapes, different game environments, an exciting soundtrack, and other features.


  • Explore the world of truck driving.
  • A huge map that includes many regions.
  • Create your own garage.
  • Upgrade and customize vehicles.
  • 6 main game modes.
  • 3D design.
  • HD graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • WASD buttons or arrow keys to drive.
  • Q and E buttons to use turn signals.
  • C button to change the camera view.
  • Tab button to use windshield wiper.
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • Esc button to open the menu.
  • T button to the dashboard view.
  • J button to use a radio set.
  • L button to use headlights.
  • H button to the horn.
  • R button to use the radio.

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