Free Rider 3 Unblocked

Free Rider 3

Free Rider 3 Unblocked

Free Rider 3 Unblocked is a very fun driving game. Sit on your bicycle and ride through a path full of obstacles and turns. Overcome all obstacles and perform moves and tricks. Collect rewards and stars and reach the furthest distance. Adjust the speed necessary to avoid falling, and explore more levels. Enjoy stunning single-player graphics, and wonderful and entertaining gameplay that will make you love playing every day.

About Free Rider 3

Free Rider 3 Online is one of the racing games that will take you on an exciting adventure. There are some games that, although they are simple, contain a wonderful game idea and the gameplay is very entertaining. There is no doubt that driving and cycling games are among the entertainment games that make you addicted to playing. Although, some of these games require high technology to design.

But there are some other simple games, which you can play through your browser. Free Rider 3 is the third part of this amazing series. When you start the race you will go onto a winding, hand-drawn track. With simple and wonderful playing environments. Your main task is to bypass all obstacles and traps.

In addition to doing flips and acrobatic movements to collect more points. Complete the race, get the highest score, and advance to a new, more difficult challenge. There are a lot of levels to complete. Get ready to hit the virtual ramps, defy gravity, and enjoy the race. Free Rider 3 is supported by many platforms and browsers, as you can play online easily.

How To Play?

Get ready to go through an exciting adventure of wonderful racing games in this challenge. Ride your bikes and perform flips and flips to collect more points. Overcome all unexpected obstacles and collect stars and coins. Explore difficult challenges, complete missions, and have a fun time in crazy races. Moreover, the game features very simple control options using the arrow keys.


  • Simple racing game.
  • Enjoy driving skills.
  • Perform movements and tricks.
  • Explore new levels.
  • Mono graphics.


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to play.

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