Kart Wars Unblocked
Kart Wars
Kart Wars Unblocked

Kart Wars

Kart Wars Unblocked

Kart Wars Unblocked is a very epic driving game. Where you can indulge in fierce vehicle battles, destroy your opponents, and use your skills to win all challenges. Select the blue team or the red team and start the race to dominate the track. Explore stunning battlefields with creative designs. Choose your favorite character and customize it. Launch into power-ups to use different types of weapons and energy. This game includes 3D graphics in a great cartoon style. You can start playing now through our online website and enjoy your time.

About Kart Wars

Kart Wars Online is one of the unique action games that you will love to play. Racing and driving games are among the most popular video games and are preferred by many players around the world. Driving games are also among the most popular games on many different operating systems such as Android and iOS. At present, companies designing games are competing to provide everything that is best and new to attract the admiration of players.

If you want to fight creative battles online. Then you can play Kart Wars. The latest gameplay update was published in November 2018 in HTML 5. Original game was developed by Martian Games. In this game, you will enjoy a unique gameplay of vehicle battles and epic races.

Explore various maps and shoot your enemies on the path. Play single-player mode or you can join a team in epic multiplayer races. Collect power-ups and money, buy upgrades, and unlock new vehicles. Enjoy exciting races in the castle, huge towers, mushroom trees, a mysterious lake, the forest, and other places.

How To Play Kart Wars?

Each driving game has a unique style and basic control options that differ from one game to another. But with Kart Wars, you will enjoy creative gameplay with intuitive control options that will not take a lot of time to master. When you start playing, you will create your character within the game and join a team.

There are so many amazing cartoon characters you can choose from. When the battle begins, you will go to the safety where your enemies are. Shoot and ember other vehicles and control the track. Collect money and use it for customization options and unlock new maps and vehicles.

Kart Wars Advantages


One of the best features of Kart Wars is the amazing map design that you will not find in any other game. Where you can enjoy races in castles, forests, gardens, lakes, islands, and other battlefields that are characterized by a 3D design and an amazing interactive environment.


Before you start the race, you will choose from a group of wonderful characters within the game. For example Fuse, Slick, Bubbles, Zee, Pogo, Jeff, Newt. After that, you can earn money and rewards and use them to customize characters and skins.


During the race, your mission will not only be to destroy other vehicles. But you should move towards power-ups and energy mains. In order to be able to raise the skill level and obtain stronger weapons such as missiles, fireballs, machine guns, and others.


When we talk about the graphics in this game. Then we talk about the best advantages. The graphics are designed in 3D with realistic and attractive audio and visual effects. In addition to an amazing cartoon style for the characters and maps. As the game includes an easy user interface and intuitive instructions.


  • Epic car racing game.
  • Powerful car battles.
  • Lethal weapons.
  • Bone maps.
  • Cartoon characters.
  • Valuable rewards.
  • Easy control options.
  • 3D graphics.


  • Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Space bar to jump.
  • Left click to shoot.
  • Shift to use nitro.

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