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Tunnel Rush
Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush

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Tunnel Rush is one of the running games that depends on your personal skills. Where you can run endlessly and explore corridors and tunnels with distinctive colors, which may make you feel dizzy when your speed increases! Not only that, but try to anticipate the dangers and traps that you will find on your way. Barriers and cubes can move suddenly, so you must make the appropriate decision in every situation.

There is an amazing planetary world that you will explore. In addition to many different levels of play. Get the highest score and compare it with other players from around the world. Enjoy a wonderful soundtrack while playing. Play Tunnel Rush online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush Online is one of the most fun and entertaining arcade games. At all times, classic games are the ideal choice for players to spend a fun and entertaining time, get rid of daily stress, and relax. There are a lot of running games that you may have played before. But now you are about to play one of the unique games with a slightly new idea. Tunnel Rush was developed by British studio Deer Cat Games.

Now the game is supported by many platforms and you can enjoy playing it through any modern web browser. All you have to do is run endlessly through caves and mazes and explore an amazing cubic world. In addition to many obstacles and traps that you will pass through. So focus and prepare well before starting the game. Break records, run at the fastest speed, and compare them with other players on the leaderboard.

Moreover, Tunnel Rush includes many different levels and designs. In addition to the exciting and fun hip-hop and DEM music while playing. Tunnel Rush includes beautiful graphics, various colors, and an entertaining game that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Start the challenge now and get the highest points and be the best player.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Tunnel Rush Online?

All you have to do to play Tunnel Rush is use the directional keys or WASD keys to control your destination. After that, it will depend on your skills and speed of decision-making. You will pass through tunnels, caves, and narrow passages. Not only that, but you will encounter many obstacles, open edges, and traps on your way. Moreover, collect rewards and get new balls. In addition to obtaining the highest achievements at the end of each level. There are more than 60 different balls that you can unlock. Explore the different game levels and start the mission now.


  • Space – Pause/Restart.
  • Left & right arrow keys/A, D – Move left and right.


  • Run to infinity.
  • Explore amazing techno worlds.
  • Collect gems and rewards.
  • Get the highest scores and achievements.
  • Explore different game levels.
  • 60+ amazing balls to unlock.
  • Easy control options.
  • Exciting soundtrack.
  • Great graphics.