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99 Balls
99 Balls

99 Balls

99 Balls Unblocked

99 Balls Unblocked is a unique and very fun puzzle game. Enjoy shooting the numbered balls to get points and coins. Your main task is to aim your weapon at the bubbles to destroy them. Each bubble contains a number, which is the same number of times you need to shoot and destroy the ball. This game is very entertaining and includes smooth gameplay and great graphics. Start playing online through our website and get the best experience.

About 99 Balls

99 Balls Online is one of the shooting games and a great mix between matching and puzzle games. Bubble shooting games are considered one of the most casual games that are loved by millions of players around the world. It is also considered an ideal means of entertainment for many. Where you can shoot colored balls, collect points, and explore new levels. But on 99 Balls, it’s different.

As each bubble has a specific number inside it, which indicates the number of hits you need to destroy the bubble. At first, it will be easy, but gradually the balls will include larger numbers and the task will be difficult, which will make you feel more excited while playing. 99 Balls was developed by Diamond Games, and the game was published in April 2017.

Currently, the game is available in the HTML 5 version so you can enjoy playing online through your browser. All you have to do is aim your weapon at the balls to destroy them. At the same time, collect power-ups and stars to upgrade weapons and use more balls at the same time. Start this challenge now and enjoy your time.

How To Play 99 Balls Online?

All you have to do is destroy the bubbles at the top. So aim your weapon at the balls to destroy them and get points. Don’t forget that the balls gradually fall to the bottom. So you will have to destroy all the bubbles before you lose. Collect circles to increase the number of weapons you can throw at once. Moreover, get power-ups and collect stars to unlock new weapons.


  • A very entertaining shooting game.
  • Destroy all numbered bubbles.
  • Collect power-ups.
  • Unlock new weapons.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Use the mouse to play.

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