Candy Jump Unblocked
Candy Jump
Candy Jump Unblocked

Candy Jump

Candy Jump Unblocked

Candy Jump Unblocked is a great game of skills. Click with the mouse to jump between candy pieces and different shapes and get the highest number of points. Don’t stop and jump for hours and break records. Challenge yourself at each level and try to reach a new number. Gradually, the difficulty of the challenge increases and you become more enthusiastic. This game includes simple gameplay and great graphics. Start playing online through our platform and get the best experience.

Introduce Candy Jump

Candy Jump Online is one of the very entertaining casual games. There is a category of games that are classified as relaxation and entertainment games. This type of game does not require rules or instructions. It includes an easy game idea and fun and simple gameplay. That is why many fans of casual and skill games from around the world prostrate themselves.

If you want to relax and get rid of daily stress after a hard day of work or school. Then Candy Jump is the solution. Not only that, but the game includes an exciting challenge that will make you addicted to playing every day. The game is published on web browser with support for many platforms.

In order to enjoy playing online easily. This game consists of an exciting journey through a colorful world of sweets and different geometric shapes. The goal of the game is to jump through obstacles and avoid collisions and obstacles to get the highest score. Keep jumping and try to reach the highest number possible.

How To Play?

All you have to do is click on the up arrow keys or the right mouse button to jump. It depends on the timing of the jump so as not to fall or collide with one of the obstacles. This game will help you decide and make the appropriate decision. The pace will gradually increase and the challenge will become more difficult. Unexpected obstacles will also appear that will make you feel extremely excited while playing.


  • A very entertaining skill game.
  • Gameplay is amazing.
  • Wonderful colors.
  • Amazing graphics.
  • Attractive effects.
  • Easy control options.


Use your mouse or up arrow keys to play.

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