Zombie Derby Unblocked
Zombie Derby
Zombie Derby Unblocked

Zombie Derby

Zombie Derby Unblocked

Zombie Derby Unblocked is an epic and fun driving game. Where you can sit in the cockpit of an armored car and race through a path full of zombies in a side-scrolling style. Your vehicle includes a variety of weapons and cannons. Shoot everything in your way, overcome obstacles and obstacles, and collect the largest possible amount of rewards. This game includes many levels to explore. In addition to amazing graphics and exciting gameplay. Start playing online through our platform and enjoy the best experience.

Introduce Zombie Derby

Zombie Derby Online is one of the zombie games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Go on a path full of zombies and shoot all the monsters to get rewards. Use your nitro boosters to go at full speed. Don’t forget to collect power-ups to upgrade your weapons. There are 5 types of vehicles to choose from.

In addition to amazing game maps in various playing environments such as ice, mountains, desert, city, forest, and other places. Moreover, unlock new cars such as Harvester and Sledge to help you overcome each challenge. Your main mission is to reach the last fort and eliminate the zombie apocalypse.

Perform acrobatic movements to bring in more money. Use the money for 15 different upgrades. Plus, customize vehicles and personalize the game. Zombie Derby was developed by Brinemedia. As the game is supported by many platforms. Start the challenge now and eliminate all zombies.

How To Play Zombie Derby?

Zombie Derby Unblocked is considered one of the epic driving games that includes a creative and unique gameplay. This game features a side-scrolling style so you can enjoy the best view. Choose from 5 armored vehicles including deadly weapons to eliminate zombies. Don’t forget to collect coins and upgrade cars. Also, get power-ups and nitro boosts to get through tough situations. However, the game includes very easy control options.

Zombie Derby Advantages


One of the most important features of the game is the amazing map system that includes various paths in wonderful playing environments. Explore beautiful landscapes of mountain peaks, glacial lakes, islands, forests, and deserts. The game includes amazing designs for each map and each path.


When you start playing you can choose from 5 different cars. Each car has unique characteristics and capabilities. Moreover, unlock other vehicles. For example, the elegant fisherman car, the Redneck truck, Sledge, Harvester, and others.


Each vehicle has a cannon and various ammunition on its roof. Boost this ammunition by picking up power-ups while fighting. Also, buy new upgrades and develop your weapons and cannons to become stronger after the end of each round.


One of the most important features of the game is the upgrades system that allows you to customize 15 different options within the game. For example, upgrade spiked bumpers, improved tires, polished engines, ammo, fuel, nitrous, and more.


Enjoy a world full of action and diverse gameplay paths in amazing gaming environments. In addition to 3D graphics and wonderful sound and visual effects. Also explore amazing maps, landscapes, and many real racing details.


  • Epic driving game.
  • Eliminate the zombies.
  • 5 cars to choose from.
  • lethal weapons.
  • 15 upgrades.
  • Amazing gaming environments.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • W or arrow up kit to accelerate.
  • Left/Right arrow to tilt forward/backwards.
  • Space bar to shoot.
  • Shift to use nitro.

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