Unblocked Unblocked is one of the io games inspired by the wonderful Agar game. Where you can control one of the small cells on the battlefield and consume the other cells until your size grows. After that, you can attack the larger cells and consume them.

Gradually you will double in size and become invincible. This game includes a rich screen and entertaining gameplay. Plus, high-quality graphics, beautiful colors, and easy control options. Play Agma io online now through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Online is one of the very fun multiplayer casual games. If you want to have a fun time playing, get rid of stress, and enjoy your free time, then simple casual and arcade games will be an ideal solution for many fans of these games. Where you can have fun while playing and enjoy your time after a hard day of work. Although this game looks like worm games.

But includes a different game and a unique game idea. The game was developed in 2017. The game is now available in HTML 5 format so you can enjoy playing online through your browser. Not only that, but in 2018, the game became available with a battle royale mode. To enjoy playing against other players in multiplayer mode.

Your main task in playing is to initiate other single cells around you on the battlefield. Also, you should avoid larger cells. The design and shape of the cell changes in each level so that you will never get bored of playing. Use upgrades and get more skins to customize your cell.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online? does not require a lot of skill, but this game requires concentration in trying to survive this epic challenge. There are many enemies on a wide battlefield. Your main task is to try to survive until your size increases and you can consume larger cells. Use the space bar to split. As well as use W for mass shooting and E for instant regrouping. Choose the appropriate game mode, upgrade the cell’s elements, and eliminate all your opponents in the arena.


  • Fun arcade game.
  • Consume the cells around you.
  • Avoid larger cells.
  • Try to survive.
  • Use promotions.
  • Customize skins.
  • Battle Royale mode.
  • Play with your friends.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.