Unblocked Unblocked Unblocked is a very fun arcade game. Grab your rod and go to the lake shore and catch different types of fish to win huge amounts of money. Use the money to buy a stronger hook and upgrade the game. It’s not just about catching fish. But you can find treasures, gems, and other valuable items. This game includes 3D graphics and very attractive gameplay effects. Get ready for this journey and enjoy playing online through our website.

About Online is one of the ocean-themed entertainment games. Where you can indulge in an exciting adventure and an exciting trip to catch fish from the seas, lakes, and oceans. Enjoy cartoon graphics and amazing gameplay that will bring you a lot of fun. Your main task is to catch as many fish as possible on each throw.

Just catch as many fish as possible to get scores and rewards. Then use the rewards to upgrade your boat, fishing tools, and other customization options. You should fill your bucket with fish before you leave. Collect gems and treasures that no one has found before.

Explore a stunning world, fun landscapes, and engaging visual and sound effects. was developed by Inlogic Software. Moreover, the game is supported by all platforms. As well as the game was published in 2020 in HTML 5 format so you can enjoy playing online through your browser.

How To Play?

Arcade games of this type are very easy and do not require a lot of skills. All you have to do is throw the hook to collect as many fish as possible. Every time you throw the hook you will get a quantity of fish. If you are lucky, you can borrow on other valuable items such as unique treasures and gems. However, the control options are easy and intuitive. Also, explore new maps and go to more wonderful places on your journey.


  • Fun entertaining game.
  • An amazing fishing trip.
  • Collect as many fish as possible.
  • Get money and treasures.
  • Upgrade your tools.
  • Flying effects.
  • Easy control options.
  • Great graphics.


Use the mouse to play.

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