Hungry Shark Unblocked

Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Unblocked

Hungry Shark Unblocked is a multiplayer survival game. Dive into the deepest oceans and eat small fish and divers to increase your size. Watch out for sea monsters and sharks larger than you. Use your tactics to survive difficult situations, and maneuver other players. Boost your skills to defeat your opponents and become the king of sharks. Enjoy amazing graphics in the exciting and immersive sea world.

About Hungry Shark Arena

Hungry Shark Arena Online is one of the adventure games that you will love to play. Immerse yourself in the sea world and exciting challenges to survive, and search for your feast everywhere. Watch out for dangers and big fish, and maintain your size to become larger. This strategy is familiar to fans of fishing and fishing games.

But you are about to immerse yourself in a very interesting challenge with Hungry Shark. Where you will immerse yourself in naval royale battles against other players in a multiplayer challenge to survive. This type of game will make you want to play every day. Your main mission is divided into two tasks. You must grow to become larger in size and be able to compete with sea monsters.

So you will eat small fish, fishermen, divers, and even ordinary people who enjoy swimming. The other task is to try to survive in this dangerous environment. There are other players who are larger and have higher skills. But do not forget that the more fish you eat, the bigger you will become. So gradually you will be eligible to become one of the sea leaders.

Also, earn money and unlock more powerful sharks. One of the most important features of Hungry Shark is the wonderful graphics and the amazing world that you will live in while playing. This game was developed by “Ubisoft”. Also, enjoy playing through your browser with support for many online platforms.

How To Play Hungry Shark?

You will not need much skill or time. Just focus on swiping the mouse with your finger to eat the fish around you. Attack strongly and smoothly and move to another state. Apply your tactics and strategy to avoid encounters with big fish. Try to survive as long as possible to win every challenge.


  • Fun fishing game.
  • Amazing world to explore.
  • Become the shark king.
  • Royal battles.
  • Unlock new sharks.
  • 3D graphics.



Release Date

July 2021


Use your mouse to play.

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