Unblocked Unblocked Unblocked is a fun strategy game. Collect wood and iron to build your castle and towers and fortify them. Develop your armies and attack other castles to destroy them. At the same time, protect your kingdom from enemy attacks. Select the wizard, archer, or knight from among your troops based on your position. To defend your towers to the last stone. This game features a familiar user interface and very easy control options.

Introduce Online is one of the IO games that will bring you a lot of excitement. Currently, there are hundreds of IO games that are loved by millions of players around the world. Some of these games include game ideas that may be similar. But the more different the game idea is, the more players will love it. Therefore, this game includes strategic and construction elements in the same gameplay.

So you will enjoy your time creating your kingdom, defending it, and attacking your enemies. Your mission is to build your castle and fortify it by building towers. So you will have to collect gold, money, wood, iron, and other resources. At the same time, develop your armies and troops and upgrade your archers and magicians to be at their best. Move your character across the arena to prevent any enemy from penetrating the walls of your castle.

Wave your sword at any invasion attempt. Based on the strength of the towers, the durability of your castle will be determined. Manage the battle with your own tactics and defeat all your enemies. The game was developed by “TiMPulsive”. Also, this game is supported by many platforms including Twitter. Therefore, play online and enjoy the best experience.

How To Play

All you have to do is create a strong castle and build more towers, walls, and bases. The stronger your castle is, the harder it will be for your enemies to defeat you. So collect resources, get gold, and create a strong kingdom. There are 3 classes of soldiers to choose from. For example, the magician, the knight, and the archers. Based on your position in the battle, you can select the soldiers. Controls are very easy. You can move using the arrow keys and fight using the mouse.


  • Amazing strategy game.
  • 3 classes of soldiers.
  • Epic battles.
  • Build your castle and protect it.
  • Collect reinforcements.
  • Upgrade towers.




Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move, while you can use the mouse to fight.

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