Unblocked Unblocked is a wonderful adventure game similar to the world of Minecraft. Where you can explore the wonderful world of pixels and blocks, challenge your enemies, and explore new places. In addition to shooting your opponents and using your creativity to build your own kingdom. In this game, you can choose from several main game modes.

Where you can play campaign mode and explore endless missions. In addition to the cooperative mode to play with your friends in multiplayer challenges or other players from around the world. Also, the game includes simple graphics and easy control options. Play online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Online is a great mix of action games and strategy games. We all know the famous game Minecraft, which is considered one of the most prominent games of this type. But the matter does not stop with Minecraft only, as there are many other wonderful games that include a design similar to this game. Also, such games are considered among the most popular games and are played by hundreds of millions of players around the world. One of these games we are talking about today is

This game was developed by Arthur and the game was published in February 2021. So that you can enjoy playing online easily. As this game is available in HTML 5 format. The game is also supported by many platforms. Choose the game mode you want on Bloxd io and start the campaign now. Fight against your opponents and collect resources to build your world.

Earn gold from your achievements and spend it in the store to buy upgrades and develop your world. Create objects based on the displayed topic, and other users vote on how much they like that object. Also, try to reach the top of the Tower of Evil and compete against other players in a third-person shooting environment. Also, build blocks, create your kingdom, and protect it from strangers. Enjoy this adventure now, start your mission, and unleash your imagination. Gameplay

How To Play Online?

Such games are fun and bring you a lot of fun. But at the same time, you have to master some skills and gain experiences that will make you one of the best players. However, you will not need much time to understand the control options and this great gameplay. Where you can use the WASD keys to move in different directions. In addition to some other main buttons that we will mention below in detail.

Not only that, but Bloxd io includes a group of different game modes, which are considered one of the most prominent features of the game. For example, play campaign mode, tower of evil mode, BloxdHop mode, Peaceful mode, and other game modes. There are epic battles waiting for you. Use weapons, buy upgrades, and level up. Collect blocks and resources and build your own world. Use your creativity to personalize gameplay.

Game Modes

There are some main game modes that represent the original gameplay features that you can choose from before starting the challenge. Each mode within the game differs in terms of missions, features, and gameplay. Therefore, we will show you below the main playing modes of this game:


In this mode, there is a huge map that includes many places. You must reach the end of the map within the time frame specified for this mission. Also, you have to jump across the level parkour style on blocks of different sizes.


This mode is inspired by Roblox. You can use your parkour skills to reach the end. If you can reach the Tower of Evil, you will win the challenge.


In this mode, you can create objects based on the topic being presented, and other players vote on how well they represent that object. Also, you will enjoy an immersive mission in this mode.


One of the best modes is this wonderful status. Where you can immerse yourself in a competitive environment and epic shooting battles against other players. Use your skills and abilities to defeat all your enemies and survive the end of the challenge.


Through this mode, you will not be able to fight or explore maps and enemies. But you will collect blocks, resources, and different items to build your own world. Use your creativity to build your kingdom and create different buildings. Features

  • Explore the amazing pixel world.
  • Multiplayer shooting battles.
  • Collect blocks and resources.
  • Build your own kingdom.
  • Try to reach the Tower of Evil.
  • Different game modes.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • /players – see the current users in your lobby.
  • /no buffs – Play through the maps without any buffs.
  • /played – See how much time you’ve spent in fun.
  • /xp – See your level and XP.
  • /rtv – Vote to skip it.


  • WASD keys to move anywhere.
  • C, Z, \, or Caps Lock to crouch
  • Shift keys or double-tap W to run.
  • B button to open a shop.
  • T button or Enter to chat.
  • /to start command.

DoodleCube Controls

  • Switch blocks: Use the number keys or mouse middle button.
  • Destroy placed blocks: Use the left mouse button.
  • Place blocks: Use the right mouse button.

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