CircloO 2 Unblocked

CircloO 2

CircloO 2 Unblocked

CircloO 2 Unblocked is a very interesting arcade game. Use your skills to reach the ball through a set of blocks and obstacles. Roll and jump through a circular track and enjoy the physical effects while playing. Complete the challenges and move to very difficult levels to win them. This game includes an intuitive and simple user interface and very smooth control.

About CircloO 2

CircloO 2 Online is one of the skill games that you will love to try. Get ready to immerse yourself in the second part of this wonderful game that will help you get rid of stress and pressure. The design of the game is very simple, but the idea of ​​​​the game is rich and will make you addicted to playing every day. This type of game is preferred by millions of players.

It also does not require a lot of skill or experience. All you need is focus and intelligence to overcome difficult situations and reach your goal. The idea of ​​​​the game revolves around a circular arena that includes a hollow ball and balls of different sizes and colors, including the main ball that you will control.

Your mission is to direct the ball to the goal, but after that the arena will expand again to find a new goal and more obstacles. Complete the levels to move on to new challenges and challenge yourself to reach all the points. This game was developed by “Florian van Strien”. Also, play CircloO 2 online through your browser and enjoy your time.

How To Play CircloO 2?

If you played the previous part of this game, you will not need much time to start the new challenge. All you have to do is control the ball through the slopes and circles to reach the goal. Rely on the physical effects to jump the ball through the platforms and overcome the obstacles. Just use the arrow keys to control the path of the ball.


  • A fun skill game.
  • Creative game idea.
  • Complete all levels.
  • Overcome all obstacles.
  • Easy control options.


Florian van Strien

Release Date

May 2018


Use the arrow keys to play.

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