Tunnel Runner Unblocked

Tunnel Runner

Tunnel Runner Unblocked

Tunnel Runner Unblocked is a very fun casual game. Run through tunnels and long pipes at top speed. Overcome obstacles, blocks, and unexpected traps and get the highest points. Explore over 1000 different levels full of difficult challenges. This game includes fun effects, great graphics, and exciting gameplay.

About Tunnel Runner

Tunnel Runner Online is one of the running games that you will get addicted to playing every day. Running games that include arcade elements are among the most popular casual games that people everywhere love. Because such games do not require dynamics or complex control options or a lot of tasks to do. But you will enjoy exciting challenges and overcome many obstacles. In addition to exploring various paths and places in each level.

If you want to immerse yourself in this adventure. Then play Tunnel Runner. When you start playing, a small disc will launch itself in one of the winding tunnels. At first, the disc will move relatively slowly, but with time the speed will increase. At the same time, more obstacles and traps will start to appear on your way. For example, bypass walls, blocks, obstacles, sharp corners, etc.

You must have a high reaction speed. One of the most important features of the game is the ability to rotate 180 degrees. In order to be able to avoid any unexpected obstacles. Over 1000 different tunnels are waiting for you. Get the highest points and break records. Tunnel Runner was developed by “Drmop”.

How To Play?

All you have to do is run through the pipes and tunnels. At the same time, bypass the obstacles, hurdles, and walls around you. The control options are very simple and you can use the keyboard to play. Move from one level to another and test your reaction speed skills. Do not forget that over time you will move to more difficult challenges.


  • A fun running game.
  • 1000+ levels.
  • Avoid obstacles.
  • Explore difficult levels.
  • Simple graphics.


  1. AD or left and right arrow keys (Rotate)
  2. Space bar (Flip 180 degrees)

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