Draw Bridges Unblocked

Draw Bridges

Draw Bridges Unblocked

Draw Bridges Unblocked is a very entertaining arcade game. Use your pen to draw bridges for the car to drive to the other side. At the same time, collect stars and coins to get the highest points. Explore 30 different levels that include various challenges and locations. Enjoy 3D graphics and creative gameplay that will bring you a lot of fun.

About Draw Bridges

Draw Bridges Online is one of the casual games that you should try. Play the role of an engineer and artist and draw lines and bridges for vehicles and cars to pass through. Build terrain and slopes with your pen. Watch your car test the new road and enjoy your time. This is what you will find when you play DrawBridges. The game includes entertaining and unique gameplay. The story takes place in a wild area between two mountains.

Your task is to draw a straight or winding line for your car to pass to the other side and reach the finish line. At first, it will be fun and easy. But gradually, you must draw the line in a specific path in order to be able to collect all the stars in each level. Also, the vehicle is affected by physical factors and terrain while driving. So maybe your mission won’t work the first time.

Challenge yourself in every round and explore challenging and fun missions. Target soda cans to hit them and break structures to get a valuable reward. Use coins to buy balls, upgrades, and new features. The game was first published in 2020. Over time, Draw Bridges has become supported by iOS, WebGL, and other platforms including HTML5.

How To Play Draw Bridges?

All you have to do is build bridges by drawing lines between mountain peaks so that the car can cross. In each stage, you must draw the line in a certain way to collect stars and prevent your car from flipping over. Maintain your balance and try to reach the finish line in each level. Once you finish drawing the line, click on the arrow at the top left of the screen to cross the car and move on to a new challenge.


  • A fun arcade game.
  • Entertaining gameplay.
  • 3D graphics.
  • 30 new stages.
  • Easy control options.

Release Date

January 2020


Clap Clap Games


Use the mouse to draw lines.

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