House of Hazards

House of Hazards

House of Hazards Unblocked

House of Hazards Unblocked is a very fun local multiplayer game. Gather your friends, cause chaos, complete tasks, and do many challenges inside and outside the house. Interact with everything around you and avoid dangers and obstacles. Make coffee, check the mailbox, water the flowers.

Play pranks on your friends and shoot taps, toasts, lasers, etc. This game includes wonderful cartoon graphics, 3D design, and smooth and funny gameplay. In addition to control options familiar to all players. Play House of Hazards online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About House of Hazards

House of Hazards Online is one of the wonderful action games that will bring you a lot of fun. When the demo game is rich and includes a lot of events and activities, the game will definitely be successful. Especially if there are places where you can play with your friends. In this game, you will unleash chaos and every crazy thing you can do. Your main task is to complete the tasks and try to get out of the house.

Moreover, you will interact with everything around you, such as furniture, tools, machines, etc. Also, you must avoid obstacles and risks so as not to lose. Play House of Hazards with up to 3 friends. The game was developed by New Eich Games, and there are many updates that have been published recently.

Not only that, but the game is available online and is supported by many platforms, and you can enjoy playing through your browser. In this game, everything in the house wants to harm you, so use your skills to avoid dangers and try to complete the challenges and reach the end of each mission. This game will bring you a lot of fun and funny situations with your friends.

How To Play House of Hazards Online?

House of Hazards does not include difficult control options or boring rules. But you can master many skills in a short time, and the game also includes easy control options that are suitable for all players, which we will mention in detail below. Complete the missions and try to avoid obstacles and machines that want to hurt you. There are a lot of elements you can interact with. Besides, divide missions with your friends to do new things. Unleash your imagination, do everything with your head, and enjoy your time while playing.


  • Multiplayer action game.
  • Exciting challenges await you.
  • Play with 3 other friends.
  • Funny situations.
  • Interactive environment.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control options.


Player 1 Controls

  • A/D keys to move/change hazard selection.
  • S button to crouch/grab player or activate hazard.
  • W button to jump.

Player 2 Controls

  • J/L to move or change hazard selection.
  • K button to crouch/grab player or activate hazard.
  • I button to jump.

3-4 Players Controls (It Needs A Gamepad)

  • Left stick to move/change hazard selection.
  • Button east to crouch/grab the player or activate hazard.
  • Button South to jump.

Gameplay Video