Unblocked Unblocked is a game of intense and fun aircraft battles. Where you can immerse yourself in the epic battle royale to pilot your helicopter and shoot at various targets. For example, you can destroy other planes, tanks, bases, and more. Use your maneuvering skills to destroy all your targets and collect rewards to upgrade planes.

There are a lot of different levels to play with a new challenge every day. This game will bring you more enthusiasm and fun while playing it. Also, enjoy the wonderful visual graphics and attractive effects inside the gameplay. Plus easy control options and do not require a lot of instructions. Play Copter Royale online through our website now and enjoy the best experience.

About Copter Royale Online is one of the simple and entertaining action games that will lead you to epic air battles. All war games are among the most popular games and are preferred by all shooting game lovers. As these games include intense gameplay and fast-paced battles that make you enjoy applying your own style in every battle. Moreover, challenge other players in multiplayer battles and battle royale.

One of the best shooting games is the aircraft battle game. Which includes intense battles and a lot of targets around you that you must destroy. is one of the most prominent of these games. The game is also known as Copter Royale. The game was developed by Exodragon Games in 2019. Currently, the game is supported by many platforms.

Besides, enjoy playing online through our website using any modern web browser. When you start playing, you will set targets that you must destroy in each level. It will be relatively easy at first. But with the passage of time and passing more levels, you will indulge in more difficult challenges and epic battles against your opponents. Start this adventure now and be the leader of air battles.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online?

This game is simple and fun of the type IO. As we are always used to, IO games are independent games that include easy and familiar control options for everyone. Where you can use the WASD buttons to move in all directions. Moreover, use the A and X keys and mouse buttons to perform more other skills and fire ammunition. includes a variety of aircraft, which contain an arsenal of deadly weapons with special capabilities.

For example, there are many special abilities including grenades, bullet wipes, teleportation, airstrikes, banana bombs, laser beams, and more. Destroy enemy helicopters, drones, tanks, and other targets to get more upgrades and unlock new levels. You will gain more experience that will make you able to enter the multiplayer battle royale against other opponents from around the world. Start the challenge now and destroy all your enemies. Advantages

Epic Aircraft Battles

Copter Royale is considered one of the heavy aircraft battle games of the type IO. Which will bring you a lot of enthusiasm, epic battles, and fierce challenges. Control your helicopter, shoot at targets, destroy tanks, transport planes, and other planes on your way, and collect as many rewards and points as possible.

Explore New Levels

As we mentioned above, every challenge on is different. As you will find a great variety of goals and instructions that must be done in each level to win. Develop weapons, cannons, and missiles, and prepare for each new challenge. The next level will be more difficult than the previous one, so prepare well.


After the end of each battle, you will get more coins and points that will be added to your balance in the game. After that, you can use customization and buy more upgrades. Also, buy more powerful planes and customize them to have a huge fleet of planes.

Graphics & Sound

One of the most prominent features of Copter Royale is the graphics of the game. The game includes high-quality graphics and attractive visual and sound effects. In addition to the wonderful background designs and items in each level of play. Also, use a variety of weapons. In addition to intuitive and easy controls.

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  • Epic battle royale of planes destruction.
  • Defeat your opponents and destroy your targets.
  • Explore new levels.
  • Upgrade your skill.
  • Powerful arsenal.
  • Easy control.
  • Great graphics.