Unblocked Free Unblocked is an interesting and fun adventure game to explore the depths of the sea and catch fish. Embark on a perilous journey in the depths of the seas and oceans. Eat fish and small creatures to survive and try to avoid the larger fish. Use your skills to maneuver and hide in order to avoid becoming food for other fish.

In addition to using the terrain and other elements around you to survive. Moreover, your form will evolve into other sea animals as you survive in this harsh environment. There are many different levels to explore. In addition to enjoying two-dimensional graphics. Plus easy and familiar control options for everyone. Play through our website for free to enjoy the best experience.

About Evolution Tree 2023 is a wonderful IO game, which is considered one of the most entertaining games for many. If you are a fan of Flash games and IO games, then this game is perfect for you. Get ready to go on an exciting adventure in the depths of the sea and explore different landscapes and scary creatures in a vast and diverse world. Move carefully in the depths and catch all the small fish to improve yourself. At the same time, you must avoid obstacles, collisions, and large predatory fish.

Simply, you will live a wonderful experience and enjoy your time while playing Deeeepio. The game is developed by Federico Mouse. Now the game is available on most operating systems, as thanks to many players from around the world. During the game, you must choose the places where you will dive to avoid becoming a meal for a large fish. There are different water temperatures too, and some fish can only survive in certain water temperatures.

Each creature inside has a specific area to swim and move around in. For example, if you were transformed into a clownfish, you can only swim in shallow waters, and you cannot dive any deeper than that, lest your life end. The game includes a lot of terrain that you can use to survive and hide from the big creatures. Enjoy playing now and explore the different levels of play.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online?

You live in a vast world and there are many different creatures and environments around you. Your main task is to survive in such an atmosphere and use your strategy to survive and win each level. The game will start as a small fish that you can dive to the depths and eat the smaller fish and avoid the big fish. If you ever find yourself being chased, you’ll need to pull out all your hide-and-seek skills to escape. Use the terrain plus quick movements to escape to safety. Gradually you can move to further areas and explore different environments.

Also, your shape will change and you will constantly evolve into different types of other creatures. Choose among different types of marine life like whales, penguins, pufferfish, clownfish, jellyfish, starfish, crabs, and many more. You choose your animal and spend your time trying to eat as much food as possible, but it won’t be easy, the sea is a dangerous place and full of predators that you have to avoid for your life. This will be your main task in every new mission within


Explore The Depths Of The Sea

The game is designed in a wonderful way and 2D graphics with a simple and fun game that will cause addiction to play. You will dive into the depths of the sea on Deeeepio and you will move to the places where the small fish are. You shouldn’t go too far, especially at the beginning of the game. Because the sea is one of the best places for a small creature like. With the passage of time, you can gradually evolve so that you can eat larger fish and swim in deeper depths.

Use The Terrain To Escape

In such a huge place in the depths of the sea, the motto is survival of the largest. So you can avoid confrontations between larger fish. If you happen to fall into this predicament, you can use the terrain and the different elements around you to escape. Use your character’s skills to maneuver, hide, and escape from stressful situations to save your life.

Evolve Into Different Types Of Fish

There is no doubt that the sea contains unlimited creatures that we did not know much about until the present time. However, there are millions of creatures in the deep sea that are familiar to many. So while playing, you can taste different types of fish. For example, you can transform into a jellyfish, a pufferfish, a penguin, a crab, a clownfish, and more.


The graphics inside this game are one of the great features that will attract you to the game. Where the game is designed with two-dimensional designs, simple colors, and a cubic world that you can explore while playing. In addition to attractive effects, smooth control options, and a rich user interface.


  • Explore the sea world.
  • Dive to the depths and all the small fish.
  • Avoid encounters with fish and large creatures.
  • Explore the different levels of play.
  • Evolve into gradually larger organisms.
  • Avoid obstacles and hindrances.
  • Use the terrain to escape and hide.
  • Enjoy amazing graphics.
  • Familiar control options.