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Color By Number

Color By Number Unblocked

Color By Number Unblocked is an entertaining puzzle game that is great for spending a good time. Where you can select one of the animals that you want to color and color the squares based on the correct numbers so that you can get a beautiful picture. It seems simple at first sight! But you need more intelligence and tricks in order to be able to reach the correct numbers.

Moreover, learn the basics of education and understand how to use colors. Relax and enjoy your time in the game and use your skills to color the pictures correctly. The game includes simple graphics, beautiful colors, and intuitive control options. Play Color By Number online through our website to enjoy the best experience.

About Color By Number

Color By Number Online is a great number game that combines puzzle games and math games. Sometimes in your free time you search for one of the classic puzzles that make you enjoy your time, and at the same time useful for training mental skills. There are hundreds of games of this type available on different operating systems and are preferred by many players from around the world. If you like mathematics and coloring pictures, Color By Number will be suitable for you. The game was developed by OrangeGames in 2018.

After a short time, the game won the admiration of players and is now available online, and you can play through any modern browser with support for many platforms. This game is completely suitable for children and adults. Where you can learn the basics of coloring and create a beautiful picture of different objects by solving the puzzle through numbers. Use the colors with the correct number and simply fill in the correct squares. Before starting the game, you can select the image that you will work on. After that, solve the puzzle and compose the pictures through the colors to get a vibrant picture. Start playing now and have fun.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Color By Number Online?

All you have to do at the beginning of the game is choose the picture that you are going to color. For example, choose an animal like a dog, a pig, a cat, an octopus, an elephant, a sloth, a baby chicken, a giraffe, and more. At the bottom of the screen, the number of each color in your palette will appear. So use those colors to fill in the corresponding squares on your image until you get a picture. Also, you can zoom in to work on the details and zoom out to see the full picture and get a wonderful work of art made by your hands.

One of the most important features of Color By Number is that you can close the game and return to complete the drawing at any time. This game has other great benefits as it helps your child to learn the basics of coloring and colors. In addition to enhancing mental abilities and developing intelligence. Explore the game’s various graphics, choose the animals that you will draw, select the numbers, and start playing now.


  • Choose a cute animal to color.
  • Use the numbers to color the picture correctly.
  • Complete the puzzle to get a real drawing.
  • Learn the basics of colors.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Easy control.
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