EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)

EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)

EvoWorld.io Unblocked

EvoWorld.io (Fly Or Die) Unblocked is a very entertaining and fun casual game. Where you can explore the clouds and fly as a small fly and eat food on the way to grow in size gradually and become a huge animal. In this game, you will avoid standing in a place and avoid collisions with larger insects. This battle will be under the slogan of either you eat or you are eaten.

So be careful while flying. You will go through a lot of stages and you will explore different levels of play. Enjoy the landscapes of each new map. The game includes beautiful cartoon graphics and attractive sound effects. Plus smooth control and rich and fun gameplay. Play EvoWorld.io online now through our website and enjoy this adventure.

About EvoWorld io (Fly Or Die)

EvoWorld.io Online is one of the entertaining IO games that will make you enjoy an amazing entertainment time while playing. There is no doubt that flash games and classic arcade games are very popular among players around the world, and some of them are among the most popular games on Android, iOS, and other different operating systems. As you enjoy exploring the different gameplay missions, various levels, and multiple game modes so that you do not feel bored. One of these great games is EvoWorld.io, which is considered one of the best IO games. The game was developed by Pixel Voice in 2018.

The game is supported by many platforms, and you can play online for free through your browser. Your main task in the game is to fly and eat food. But at the beginning of the game, you will be a small insect, and you must avoid large creatures until you grow in size and become able to confront all animals. There are many regions to explore, each one with completely different landscapes. Also, each map within the game includes many different levels of play. Start the adventure now and enjoy your time.

Gameplay Video

How To Play EvoWorld.io Online?

EvoWorld.io includes entertaining gameplay and easy and intuitive control options. You won’t need much explanation to understand how to play. You can use the mouse or WASD keys, or you can use the touch screen if you are playing on your mobile phone. When you start playing it will be a very small fly. However, there are still other creatures smaller than you on the playing field. Therefore, you will fly cautiously to the food places and eat in order to increase your size.

On your way, you must avoid large insects and collisions. You will gradually increase in size until you are able to face all the different creatures. There are more than 45 types of animals that you will encounter. In addition to the 8 different stages of development that you will go through. There are hundreds of different levels that you will pass through. For example, you can drool in the top of space or even in the depths of the earth. Get ready for adventure and start playing now.

EvoWorld.io Advantages

Fly And Eat Food Around You

When you start playing EvoWorld.io, you will play the role of a small fly, and your task is to try to avoid the big insects around you, traps, and difficult situations. At the same time, you must eat all the small creatures on your way in order to gradually increase in size and be able to face more creatures. There are 45 types of creatures in this game. Plus 8 different stages through which your appearance will evolve into many animals.

Explore Multiple Locations

The game has a diverse map system that includes more different environments and regions. Explore new places in the depths of the earth or in space and among the clouds. The levels of the game are designed in a unique style, beautiful cartoon graphics, and many different environments for you to explore.

Graphics & Sound

One of the best features of EvoWorld.io is the rich graphics system within the game. The game includes great graphics and 2D effects. In addition to sound effects suitable for the atmosphere of the game and change in each new level. The game includes interesting and entertaining gameplay, a rich screen, and simple control options.


  • Fly in the clouds and everything in your path.
  • Avoid encountering larger objects.
  • 45 different types of animals.
  • 8 stages of evolution.
  • Hundreds of levels.
  • Various places.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control.