Raft Life Unblocked
Raft Life
Raft Life Unblocked

Raft Life

Raft Life Unblocked

Raft Life Unblocked is an immersive simulation game. Where you can shine and live in an unusual environment in the middle of the sea. And trying to survive amid difficult circumstances and very limited resources. Build your own raft and collect resources to make fishing tools and simple weapons to protect yourself.

Defend yourself from attacks by sea monsters and sharks. Upgrade farms, farm, develop your new life, and interact with other animals. This game includes a world of nothing and a lot of events. In addition to 3D graphics and easy control options. Start the adventure now and enjoy playing online through our website.

About Raft Life

Raft Life Online is one of the survival games that will lead you on a risky adventure. The game’s events revolve around a person who is just living his normal life and wakes up to an unexpected tragedy. Where he found himself lying on a wooden plank in the open ocean. Maybe he was on a journey and everything was destroyed and he was the only survivor. But will you give in? Collect these woods, build your own raft, take advantage of everything around you, and create a new life for yourself.

This type of game is entertaining and includes a lot of activities that you can do. Raft Life was developed by Boombit. Also, the game is available in the WebGL and HTML 5 version and is supported by many platforms. Your main mission is to try to survive amidst all these difficult circumstances.

Where you can collect useful items and resources and make fishing tools to catch fish. In addition to some weapons to defend yourself from loan shark attacks. Gradually you can create alliances and meet new friends from other animals. Develop your talent and help yourself progress, prosper, and adapt to your new life.

How To Play?

Raft Life Online is one of the simulation games that will make you addicted to playing. Despite this, the game includes easy control options and interesting and smooth gameplay. Unleash your imagination to do everything that can help you in the most difficult circumstances. You should be careful of the dangers around you, especially sharks. Farm, collect resources, and get supplies, food, and water. Get new rewards and use them to develop your life and your new world.


  • A very fun survival game.
  • A hard life to live.
  • Protect yourself from sharks.
  • Develop your raft.
  • Collect resources and food.
  • Catch fish.
  • Create alliances.
  • Easy control options.
  • 3D graphics.


Use the mouse to click and interact with things around you, and use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move.

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