Flaggle Unblocked


Flaggle Unblocked

Flaggle Unblocked is a very fun guessing game. Learn the name of the country and its correct location through the shape of the flag. Challenge yourself to narrow down the possibilities in each level in order to guess the most difficult countries.

Explore interesting challenges and enhance your geographical knowledge. There are many difficult game levels waiting for you. Solve all the puzzles and put your name on the leaderboard. This game includes great graphics, an elegant user interface, and rules that are familiar to everyone.

Introduce Flaggle Game

Flaggle Online is one of the puzzle games inspired by Wordle. Wordle game is an inspiration for many developers to design guessing games. This type of game has special fun and is loved by many players. Where you can challenge your mental abilities and test your knowledge in guessing words, countries, names of celebrities, and other games.

Accordingly, you are about to experience a wonderful game with an intuitive and interesting idea.
Your task on Flaggle is very simple. All you have to do is guess the correct country name, after the flag is displayed. At first, it will be entertaining and fun. But over time, the missions will become more difficult, and you will explore levels that require more concentration.

Not only that, but get closer odds by learning about the region in which each country is located. This will make the puzzle easier. There are some main colors that show you how close you are to winning. Moreover, enjoy the time challenge to guess the flags at a specific time. Flaggle was developed by Rspdev. Play through your browser, with support for many platforms and browsers.

How To Play Flaggle?

Flaggle Online is not much different from other guessing games. Your mission is clear at every level. You must guess the correct flags or region of each country. There are more than 220 flags to guess. The colors will also show you how correct your guess is. After each guess, a similarity mark will appear showing which part of your guess shares the same color, as we will show in the pictures below. Most of the flag lists are suggested by the players themselves.

Flaggle Unblocked

Flaggle Unblocked


  • Entertaining puzzle game.
  • Interesting guessing challenges.
  • Test your knowledge.
  • Complete the levels.
  • Explore challenging missions.
  • Elegant user interface.
  • Great graphics.



Release Date

February 25, 2022


Use the mouse to play.

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