Squareword Unblocked


Squareword Unblocked

Squareword Unblocked is a very interesting quiz game. Enjoy a wonderful new challenge inspired by Wordle, but with a different look and style. Guess the correct 5-letter words in the appropriate boxes. You have 15 attempts in each level to discover the correct words. Use the hints and try to find the letters within the specified time. Challenge yourself with daily tasks and get the highest score. This game includes a user interface that is familiar to everyone and easy to use.

Introduce Squareword

Squareword Online is one of the guessing games that will bring you a lot of excitement. Get ready to take a new test to improve your abilities in solving puzzles and guessing letters and words. It’s not just about entertainment and having a good time. But such games have the ability to develop your mental abilities and improve your concentration. So you will have a very fun time while playing. Although there are many similar games, some of which you may have tried before.

But Squareword includes a different style and design. But it includes the same Wordle idea that is familiar to all gamers. All you have to do is guess a 5-letter word. There are 4 different colors that will appear on the squares. Which will show you whether your spelling of the letters is correct or not. Green color will appear on the word grid if the letters match the entered word.

The gray box means that you entered a word that contains the letters but not in the correct place. Over time, you will create your own style of guessing words and you will immerse yourself in more difficult levels. Currently, Squareword is available online and is supported by several platforms, including HTML5 and Apple.

How To Play?

If you are a fan of guessing games, then Squareword will be very familiar to you. Not to mention that the game includes an easy user interface, intuitive rules, and very easy control options. If you can master the rules of the game and know what you must do to guess the correct letters. Then it will be a very easy task.

It depends on your skills in guessing the letters and entering them in the correct boxes. Depending on the letters that you enter, the color of the boxes will change. On each attempt, the letters change color to indicate how close you are to spelling the word. In the following pictures, we will briefly explain to you the rules and tricks of playing games simply.

Squareword Unblocked

Squareword Unblocked

Squareword Unblocked


  • Have fun guessing the words.
  • Create your own style.
  • Enter letters in the shortest time.
  • Get the highest score.
  • Hints and help.
  • Intuitive rules.


Use the keyboard to enter letters, and use the mouse to click and play.

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