Chain Reaction Unblocked

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction Unblocked

Chain Reaction Unblocked is an interesting puzzle game. Test your skills at guessing words to complete the phrases and win each challenge. Connect the words to get the correct phrase. Every phrase has 6 words, you will probably find only 2 of these words. Through a set of letters displayed, your task will be to guess the remaining correct words. This game is interesting and fun and will make you addicted to playing. With smooth gameplay and a user interface that is familiar to everyone.

About Chain Reaction Game

Chain Reaction Online is one of the quiz games that will bring you a lot of fun. Maybe you are a fan of the popular Chain Reaction show with anchor Dylan Lane on TV. It is considered an entertainment show that relies on entertaining games and test challenges. This game is inspired by this wonderful program. Word games are usually very fun and loved by millions of players. But the more creative the idea is, the more success and popularity it will achieve.

Therefore, this challenge includes a unique game idea, even though it is based on guessing and crossword puzzles. There is an interface in front of you made up of a group of letters and lines. The main goal is to guess the correct phrases by entering the letters of the correct words. In each phrase, there are 6 words, 2 of which appear.

As time passes, the challenge will become more difficult and you will feel motivated to complete the achievement. Participate in daily challenges and get more prizes. Get the highest points and put your name on the leaderboard. Chain Reaction was developed by BlackByte Games. Also, the game is supported by many platforms such as Android, iOS, and HTML5.

How To Play Chain Reaction?

It’s time to dive into a new test challenge. But this time the mission will be more expanded and difficult. The rules of the game include new features and more advanced levels. Your mission is to connect the word before and after, which are the most frequently used words in informal conversation.

You will get the first and last word from the set of six sequential words. You will then have the option to select the second or fifth string to connect the word. If you have difficulty finding the right word, you can use help tools such as hints. Just use the mouse to click and the keyboard to enter words.


  • Great entertaining game.
  • Test your guessing skills.
  • Complete daily challenges.
  • Difficult levels.
  • Get prizes.
  • Use hints.
  • Familiar user interface.
  • Great graphics.


BlackByte Games


Use the keyboard and mouse to play.

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