Atlas Quiz Unblocked

Atlas Quiz

Atlas Quiz Unblocked

Atlas Quiz Unblocked is a very fun puzzle game. Test your skills in guessing the names of different cities and countries around the world. The computer will choose a specific word, and you must enter the name of a city or country that starts with the first or last letter of this word based on what you are asked to do. You have a specific time before the end of the round. Get the highest points and challenge the artificial intelligence and have a good time.

About Atlas Quiz

Atlas Quiz Online is one of the quiz games that will immerse you in an interesting challenge. Get ready for a fun challenge to test your geographical and cultural knowledge around the world. You may have tried one of these games before. But the more creative the idea of ​​the game is, the more successful you will be.

So you are about to immerse yourself in many tasks to guess the names of different countries and cities around the world. Your task is to challenge AI in extracting the names of places based on what you are assigned. There are over 5000 different names to guess. Enter cities that start with a specific letter – the last letter of a country or city chosen by the computer.

If you think you will survive, you can start the challenge. Don’t forget that there is a skip option if you don’t know the answer. But this will cost you 100 points. Atlas Quiz was developed by “Decisive Action Games”. This game is available online and will make you addicted to playing every day.

How To Play Atlas Quiz?

The rules of the game are very simple. All you have to do is enter your guess based on the first or last letter of each word chosen by the computer. Sometimes these names are easy, sometimes they are difficult. Use the keyboard to type the name of the city or country before time runs out.


  • A great quiz game.
  • A huge database.
  • Challenge the artificial intelligence.
  • 5000+ different names.
  • Simple user interface.


Decisive Action Games


Use the keyboard to enter names.

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