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Flappy Bird Unblocked

Flappy Bird Unblocked is one of the great classic casual games. Where you can control a small bird while flying and help it bypass the pipes and possible obstacles in its path. Moreover, collect coins and prizes and explore different game levels. Your main task is to reach the end of each level. Therefore, you must avoid pipes and collisions in order not to lose.

The game includes amazing cartoon graphics, attractive effects, and beautiful colors inside the gameplay. In addition to easy controls that depend on clicking to make the bird fly. Explore different gameplay levels and new environments and start the adventure. Play Flappy Bird online through our platform and enjoy the best experience.

About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Online is one of the classic flash games that will make you have fun playing it. For all those who love arcade and casual games, you can try this game and you will not regret it. Decades ago, arcade games were one of the most simple entertainment games that people preferred. Moreover, it does not require much skill or time to understand how to play. There are a lot of these games such as Super Mario or Sonic and other versions. Flappy Bird is a similar casual game that you can try. The game was developed by Dong Nguyen in 2014.

Currently, the game is available online and you can play it through your browser easily. When the game starts, you will help this beautiful bird to fly between the corridors and tubes. The design of the pipes differs at every point, so you must make quick decisions. At the beginning of the game, the task will be relatively easy, but when you move to higher levels, the challenge will be much more difficult. Which will bring you more fun and enthusiasm while playing. Flappy Bird relies on simple gameplay mechanics that will make you have fun. Start the challenge now and explore the pipes and win each new level.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Flappy Bird Online?

As we mentioned above, Flappy Bird is one of the classic games that does not require a lot of skills to master the game. As the bird flies almost automatically by clicking. Tap to lift the bird up and slide it carefully through the pipes without crashing. Don’t give up if you fail at the first stage. Try a ton again until you know the appropriate tricks that you will use to bypass the pipes and avoid collisions. Flappy Bird will make you addicted to play and you will want to play every day.

In each attempt, you will get points and grades based on your performance. So you can get the highest score and collect coins and valuable rewards. Enjoy iconic side-scrolling where you tap to avoid obstacles and that’s the main idea of the gameplay. Moreover, the game relies on dynamic moves, which will make you control the bird smoothly. Click and start flying now and bypass all obstacles and pipes to win.


Fly Through Corridors And Tubes

Once the game starts, you can control the bird to cross the obstacles and pipes that are placed randomly in each level. The game will bring you so much fun and excitement that you will want to play it every day. You should be quick in making decisions. This game will help you improve your intuitive speed and enhance your focus. Explore the different levels of play and get the highest score.

Graphics & Sound

Flappy Bird contains beautiful classic cartoon graphics. You will be immersed in 2D graphics and beautiful sound effects while playing the game. In addition to a variety of environments and different challenges in each new stage. The game includes an easy user interface, a rich screen, and simple controls that are familiar to all players.


  • Fly through narrow lanes.
  • Bypass the pipes and obstacles.
  • Explore challenging gameplay levels.
  • Avoid collisions.
  • Get the highest score.
  • Beautiful classic graphics.
  • Easy control.