Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD Unblocked

Free Rider HD Unblocked is a great driving game that will lead you to exciting challenges. Where you can draw paths, ride bikes, and go through hills and slides to perform different movements and speeds.

You can browse by trends, hot, new, top-rated, featured, and more. Use a range of tools to create creative and unique tracks to share and test. This game includes simple graphics and easy control options. Play this game online through our website and get the best experience.

About Free Rider HD

Free Rider HD Online is a unique entertainment game. There are some simple games that rely on creativity and that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Some of these games are very popular and played by millions worldwide. One of the most prominent of these games is Free Rider HD.

Where you can share your creativity in drawing racing tracks, driving motorcycles, and sharing your skills with your community. The game was developed by Kano. Also, the game is available online and you can enjoy playing through your browser. All you have to do is choose your community and start drawing and creating different paths to test.

Besides, creates other paths for other players. When you’ve created your track, share it with the community, where they can play it and rate it. As well as register, join the community, complete campaigns, and create more paths. There are many different levels of play. Also, the difficulty of the level varies gradually as you progress further. Start this adventure now and enjoy playing.

How To Play Free Rider HD Online?

This Game is considered a simple casual game that does not require a lot of skills to start playing. All you have to do is join the community and start drawing and creating different paths. After that, you can ride bicycles on tracks drawn by other players. Get the highest ratings and explore different levels of play.


  • A unique driving game.
  • Draw paths and test them.
  • Join communities.
  • Get the highest ratings.
  • Simple monograms.
  • Familiar control options.


  • WASD or arrow keys to ride the bike.
  • V button to change vehicle.
  • Z button to change direction.

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