Google in 1998 Unblocked

Google in 1998

Google in 1998 Unblocked

Google in 1998 Unblocked is a wonderful experience that you can have while using the search engine. Where you can go back in time to 1998 to enjoy the classic Google look. It was the first design of the famous search engine when it was launched. This game is considered one of Google’s Easter gifts to celebrate his birthday. So enjoy a unique experience while searching for your favorites.


Google search engine is considered of the most popular search engines at present, if not the best, in many countries. It includes hundreds of billions of search results available in all fields. It also includes many features that it shares with users every day. Especially Easter eggs, wonderful effects, various graphics on the search engine logo, and other features.

Google was established for the first time on September 4, 1998. This date marked a breakthrough in starting to develop search engines to suit every user. Since that time until now, the company has constantly issued many releases that carry many advantages. Not only that, but great experiences are created for users through effects,

Easter eggs, and logo changes with every global event. In addition to many interesting mini-games. Like Dino Game, Google Crickt, Crossword Puzzle. Also, in this trick, you will enjoy a new experience while using search engines. Where you can return to the classic interface of Google. It is the first interface designed for a search engine.

So, several years ago, during Google’s birthday celebration, this game was released. In order to give a unique impression to new users to know what Google looked like when it was founded for the first time. Therefore, enjoy this wonderful trick and try something new while searching for your keywords.