Yohoho.io Unblocked Multiplayer

Yohoho Unblocked is one of the fun pirate games that will lead you into epic royal battles to survive on a remote island. Unfortunately, your ship crashes near an island and you are left homeless. You have no solution to stay on one of these islands and search for treasures. But it won’t be easy! You have to face other pirates and crush them and collect more loot.

Use the coins to buy new characters and pets to boost health. This game contains great graphics and beautiful effects with a wide horizontal view. Moreover, the game includes easy and familiar control options. Play Yohoho.io online through our website and enjoy this adventure.

About Yohoho

Yohoho Online is an interesting action game of the famous IO games. There is no doubt that pirate games are one of immersive games that contain a lot of events and challenges within the gameplay. Moreover, many gamers prefer these simple games to spend time entertaining and entertaining. The story on Yohoho revolves around a pirate ship that sank off the coast of a remote island.

But fortunately, there is still hope for survival. Land on this island and search for your enemies. Other pirates will be ready to confront you. So take up your sword and advance to the places of your opponents and destroy everything in your path. The game was developed by Exodragon Games in 2019, and this game is supported by all platforms, and you can play through your browser easily.

There are great graphics, 2D designs, and funny little cartoon characters. Not only that, you can get treasures, buy skins, upgrades, and new, more powerful characters. Plus boost your health and equipment by buying more pets. Start the adventure now and eliminate all the pirates and collect the treasure for yourself.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Yohoho.io Online?

You are now about to start one of the unique and very interesting battle royale. Where Yohoho combines many different gameplay elements within the same gameplay, which makes you addictive to play. When you start playing, you will explore one of the distant islands, and by using your sword, you will protect yourself from the attack of other pirates around you. You may find a weak pirate and beat him easily and get his money.

But of course, there are more powerful pirates that require more skill and effort to eliminate them. If you manage to survive until the end of the battle, the treasure will be all yours. Not only that, but in Yohoho, whenever you kill a pirate, you can get gold and more spoils that you will use to buy upgrades. Use WASD keys to control the movement of the main character. Every day you will explore new places and you will face more pirates. So get ready to start this exciting adventure.


Battle Royale Battles On Pirate Island

Enjoy one of the fun and epic battle royale games. Use your style and strength to strike your enemies everywhere and move freely around the island in search of other pirates. The number of opponents will gradually decrease until there is only one pirate left to get the treasure. Your main task is to survive until the end of the battle in order to be able to get the gold.


There is a lot of gold and treasures that you will get as you kill as many pirates as possible. So you can buy more powerful characters from the game store. In addition to buying skins and customizing pirates. Moreover, bring pets, which will help you in enhancing strength and health.

Graphics & Sound

One of the best features of Yohoho is its unique and fun graphic design. Where you will enjoy high-quality graphics and amazing sound effects inside the gameplay. In addition to beautiful colors and a view and watch of the map from the top. The game also includes familiar control options for everyone and a rich user interface.


  • Epic battle royale battles.
  • Fight against other pirates.
  • Find treasure on the island.
  • Customize the characters.
  • Bought new reinforcements.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control.