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Smash Karts Unblocked

Smash Karts Unblocked Premium is an epic and very fun car racing game. Where you can drive your vehicle in a wide arena that includes many lanes and opponents. Collect boxes and weapons and shoot your opponents to destroy them. There are a lot of enemies entered the map. Use your maneuvering and drifting skills to be able to escape from your enemies’ bullets.

Also fire missiles, bombs, and ammunition to destroy everything in your way. This game contains many places for you to explore. In addition to high-quality graphics and 3D designs. Besides, use upgrades to purchase new vehicles and customize your vehicle. However, the game includes control options that are easy and familiar to everyone. Play Smash Karts online through our platform and enjoy the best experience.

About Smash Karts

Smash Karts Online is a unique kart racing game. Car racing games are considered one of the most popular games on different operating systems. The more creative the game idea is, the more successful the game will be. Accordingly, you will find hundreds of millions of players from around the world who prefer car racing games over other games. Because car games take you to exciting and exciting challenges and push adrenaline in your veins during the race. Especially if the game includes a multiplayer mode.

One of the best fighting racing games that you can try is Smash Karts. This game was developed by Tall Team in 2020. At the present time, the game is available online and you can enjoy playing through your browser. When you start playing Smash Karts, you will choose the vehicle with which you will start the race. But unlike other car games, your main task is not to reach the finish line in first place. But you will use your vehicle equipped with weapons to shoot your rivals in the arena.

This game will bring you a lot of fun and excitement while playing. Go towards the boxes and get reinforcements, ammunition, and missiles. Escape from your opponents and use your maneuvering style to shoot your enemies. Customize vehicles, buy upgrades, and pick up more powerful weapons. Moreover, Smash Karts includes more new maps that you can explore. Start this challenge now and destroy all your opponents.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Smash Karts Online?

There’s not much to talk about how to play Smash Karts. The game includes an easy user interface, smooth gameplay, and intuitive control options. All you have to do is point your car in front of your opponent and click the space bar to shoot. Also, use the WASD keys to move in all directions easily.

Your main task is to collect as much XP as possible so that you can continue fighting against your opponents. There is a small tube at the top of the cart that alerts you to your cart’s HP level. If you are destroyed, you will lose the race and will have to repeat the challenge again. Gradually you will gain experience and skills and you will be able to destroy more enemies.

Also, play Smash Karts multiplayer and face other opponents from around the world. Collect coins and upgrade your cars. Moreover, customize the characters and unlock new characters and items. Start the battle now and destroy all your competitors on the map.


Epic Multiplayer Kart Battles

Get ready to experience a unique car racing game experience. But this time your main task is not to reach the finish line before any competitor. But you will explore a large maze that includes a group of other vehicles equipped with weapons. Run through the corridors and fire missiles and bombs at your enemies. You can get reinforcements and chests that include stronger weapons and XP.

Explore New Maps

There are many places to play on Smash Karts. The game includes a diverse map system with 3D designs. Explore different battlefields with wonderful views so that you will never get bored of playing. You can also unlock more characters and customize them and other elements.


The game has an amazing customization system that allows you to personalize cars and characters. For example, upgrade weapons and vehicles and unlock more new characters. In addition to raising the level of skill and strength. Plus use more weapons, missiles, machine guns, and bombs to blow up your enemies.

Graphics & Sound

One of the best features of Smash Karts is its amazing graphics. The game includes HD graphics with attractive colors. In addition to beautiful sound and visual effects. Also, the game includes 3D designs, rich and interesting gameplay, and control options familiar to all players.


  • Exciting multiplayer card battles.
  • Level up and unlock new cars.
  • Shoot your opponents and blow them up.
  • Use maneuvering skills to collect chests and XP.
  • Upgrade your weapons and vehicle.
  • Explore new maps.
  • High-quality graphics.
  • 3D designs.
  • Easy control options.