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Learn To Fly Unblocked

Learn To Fly Unblocked is one of the entertaining flash games that will make you enjoy your time. Overcome challenges and help the penguin learn to fly on mountain peaks and icy walls. As this penguin is sad from his previous failed attempt at analysis on one of the high peaks. So help the penguin to take revenge on the ice wall that he smashed in the previous game and enjoy the challenge.

The game has great graphics and beautiful cartoon designs inside the gameplay and the user interface. Also, enjoy the sound effects and the beautiful environment around you while playing. There are a lot of new improvements that you will discover in each level. So get ready for this exciting adventure. You can play Learn To Fly online through our website for free.

About Learn To Fly

Learn To Fly Online is one of the modern flash games. Flash games are simple classic games that aim to relieve stress and enjoy relaxation while playing. Also, spend an enjoyable time and take on wonderful and varied challenges. If you are a fan of arcade and flash games, Learn To Fly will be perfect for you. The game contains different parts and is played by millions of players around the world. The game is developed by Light Bringer Games inc. Now this game is available on different operating systems, so that you can play online for free. The game revolves around a cute penguin who wants to learn to fly and take on adventures and challenges.

Unfortunately, his last attempt to cross the ice wall failed. Therefore, you will train him and help him to overcome these heights and slip as far as possible. Break records in flying and reaching hundreds of feet. Have a glacier ride you must find ways to fly over penguin island. Get pleasure from flying, colorful graphics, snow scenes, and fun recreation with our brave hero. Collect rewards and coins, get more achievements, and be the best player. Explore more cool leather environments and enjoy the adventure.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Learn To Fly Online?

There are no hard choices or complications to start playing Learn To Fly. As it is known that flash games are among the easiest video games that you can try. It also includes familiar control options and simple yet fun gameplay. The story takes place on the island of the penguins, which contains a variety of places, ice walls, many mountains, and different terrains. Moreover, there are hundreds of different game levels that you will enjoy. Start the challenge with some easy missions to fly over peaks and glaciers.

Use upgrades to improve abilities and skills at the end of each new level. There are over 60 improvements to discover to improve your ride. Defeat the flying mammoths and beautiful birds and learn new tactics. Slide as fast as you can to fly to the highest height. At the end of each challenge, you can collect rewards and coins to buy upgrades. Then you will explore more difficult game levels as you advance further in the game.


  • Learn various flying skills.
  • Help the penguin to cross the ice walls.
  • Explore different environments and terrains.
  • Fly hundreds of feet into the sky.
  • Explore 60 new in-game improvements.
  • Control sliding as much as possible.
  • Get more achievements.
  • Collect rewards and coins to buy upgrades.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Smooth control.