Ludo King

Ludo King Unblocked Multiplayer

Ludo Unblocked is one of the most popular puzzle games recently and is one of the entertaining games that many people love. Where you can throw the dice on the board and try to score the number 6 to get your balls out, then start moving them through the opponents’ squares and points until they reach the safety zone. You can play in multiplayer mode with up to 4 players at the same time. Each player has a different color and 4 balls.

If you manage to get all the balls into the safety zone before any opponent. Then you will win the game and become the best player. This game contains a great game idea that makes you enjoy playing with your friends, and you can challenge other players from around the world. In addition to simple, high-quality graphics and attractive visual and sound effects. Also, the game includes smooth controls and a familiar user interface. Play Ludo King online with your friends now and enjoy one of the best board games.

About Ludo King

Ludo Online is the most fun and exciting dice game with a great mix of puzzle and board elements that will make you enjoy a fun and entertaining time playing. For all the classic puzzle game lovers, you can enjoy a unique experience in dice games. If you like seahorse chess and board games, this game will be a great fit for you. In your spare time and after finishing a hard day’s work and while you are sitting with your friends, you can enjoy playing Ludo multiplayer against 3 other opponents. The game includes a creative game idea based on rolling the dice and moving the balls through the maze, safety points, and your opponents’ squares.

You must pass all your balls before any opponent to be able to win. The game is developed by GAMETION AKA Gamotronix. Now the game has become one of the most popular puzzle games and is available on many different operating systems. When you start playing, you can choose the game mode among the main game modes. For example,  play single-player mode and play against the computer.

Moreover, you can choose to mode 2 players, 3 players, or even 4 players in an amazing online multiplayer challenge. After that, select the color you want and start the battle. If you manage to pass all your balls to the safety zone, beat your opponents, and achieve first place. The control options are familiar and don’t require any skills. This game depends on the use of tricks, intelligence, and your tactics in different situations. Also, explore many great features and enjoy the game effects, graphics, and other surprises while playing.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Ludo Online?

Ludo King Multiplayer Online is one of the games familiar to millions of players around the world. The control options and the gameplay are simple and fun at the same time. When the game starts, you will choose the appropriate game mode. Then the user interface will appear to you based on the game mode you have selected. Now you can select the color you want and start rolling the dice. You will try to roll the dice more than once in an attempt to get the number 6. Each player has 4 colored balls in his house. If you manage to get the number 6, you can choose to either take out more balls or move the balls in the maze. When the player gets number 6, you can play one more time.

Your main task is to pass all your balls through the small squares until you reach the safety zone. But it is not that easy. Whereas Ludo relies on the use of certain tactics and the application of your intelligence in each of your roles. Try to hinder your competitors’ progress by running over their balls and bringing them back to the starting point. Not only that, but Ludo includes 8 star points for each player, if you can stand on it, your opponents will not be able to destroy you. You have to be smarter and use different tricks to pass all your balls before any other competitor to win the challenge.


The Most Fun Dice Game

Ludo King is one of the great dice games that combines classic puzzles and board games. If you are a fan of brain games, it’s time to start playing and challenge your friends and opponents from all over the world in this dice game. Get your balls out of the house and try to move them wisely through the little squares and stars. You must reach the safety points and get all your balls into the safety area before any competitor wins the challenge.

Use Your Tactics While Playing

Every player on Ludo has his style while playing. So you can use your tactics in different game situations. Must focus every time your turn comes and try to take out all the balls and disrupt your opponents as much as possible. Some situations may depend on luck, but every decision you make while playing will affect your path soon. So enjoy using your tricks and tactics while playing.

Game Modes

You can enjoy the main game modes that are familiar to all players. For example, play multiplayer mode with your friends, family members, or other competitors from around the world online. Moreover, you can play single-player mode or 2 or 3-player mode.


Ludo contains beautiful graphics, consistent colors, and a rich screen. There are many small squares on the maze. In addition to choosing your favorite colors from blue, red, yellow, and green. One of the most important features of the game is the beautiful sound effects while playing. With smooth controls and an ad-free user interface, you will enjoy the best experience.


  • The most exciting dice game.
  • Classic Gas Play Game.
  • Use your tricks to beat your opponents.
  • Look for the stars on your way.
  • Disable your opponents.
  • Enter the safety zone before any player.
  • Try to get the number 6 to get the balls out.
  • Enjoy the effects and graphics of the game.
  • Smooth control.