Granny Unblocked

Granny Unblocked is one of the terrifying survival games that will bring you a lot of excitement while playing. Where you can go on an epic adventure trying to escape from one of the scary houses controlled by a very aggressive old woman. Use your skills to hide and survive, and search for items and tools that you can use to defend your defense.

Try to find the key before 5 days have passed. You will lose if you are caught. Choose the difficulty mode based on your playing experience, and you can also play the training mode to learn more maneuvering and hiding skills. The game includes 3D graphics, scary effects, and easy control options. Play Granny online through our website and enjoy this dangerous challenge.

About Granny Game

Granny Online is a very fun horror game that will lead you to the most exciting and terrifying survival adventure. Horror games are considered one of the most preferred games by millions of players around the world. As you separate from the real world for a moment, and immerse yourself in a frightening game that pumps adrenaline into your veins and makes you more focused at every step, causing your addiction to the game.

Accordingly, horror games differ in terms of plot, mission, and goal. But at the present time, the Granny game series is considered one of the best horror games supported for many different platforms. The game was developed by DVloper, DVapps AB in 2017. Currently, you can enjoy playing online easily through your browser. As the game is available in HTML 5 format. When you start the game, you can choose the difficulty level from 5 different options based on your skill in the game.

After that, the game will start and you will find yourself in one of the dark rooms when you wake up. Here your mission will begin! You must search for a way out and find the key to escape. Once you open the cupboard, grandma will wake up. So try to hide and run away so as not to get caught. This game will take you to a terrifying atmosphere, frightening effects, and very exciting gameplay. Explore the map, interact with everything around you, and try to survive in this mysterious house. Start this adventure now and try to escape from the scary house.

How To Play Granny Online?

Such games often depend on the player’s skills and style while playing. In addition to how to overcome obstacles and difficult situations. However, Granny includes easy and familiar control options. If you have played any of the other parts of the game before, the control options will be very familiar to you. For example, use WASD keys to move. Plus some other main control buttons, which we will explain below. Determine the difficulty level before starting.

Besides, learn more new methods of survival and escape by playing the training mode. Beware of the traps and weapons that Granny has. As well as release scary monsters to catch you. Try to escape and interact with the elements around you to reach the key and escape from this nightmare. Make your movements light and do not make noise. Because grandma will know where you are immediately if she makes any noise. Start this fun mission now and try to escape from the haunted mansion.

Granny Advantages

A Horror And Exciting Survival Game

Get ready to go on a fun adventure on Granny and try to escape from one of the scary houses controlled by Grandma. You must use your courage to face difficult situations and overcome obstacles. In addition to trying to survive. Don’t forget to keep calm so you don’t get caught.

Interact With Everything Around You

There are many items that you can use to defend yourself or hide. For example, you can hide under the bed, in the wardrobe, or other places. Use tools to make light weapons to confront bears, bats, and other creatures.

Find A Way Out

When you open your eyes, you will find yourself in a dark room. The atmosphere will be very terrifying and you must be agile and quick to reach the key and escape. But it will not be easy and you will face many challenges in order to reach freedom. So you can play training mode to learn new methods and make an escape plan.

Graphics & Sound

Horror games often include frightening audio and visual effects. Perhaps this is what makes you extremely focused and enthusiastic while playing. In addition to 3D graphics and a terrifying soundtrack, suitable for the gameplay atmosphere. This is exactly what you will find when you start playing Granny.


  • A very scary survival game.
  • Try to escape from the haunted mansion.
  • Hide from aggressive granny.
  • Interact with everything around you.
  • Find the key.
  • Try to survive.
  • 3D graphics.
  • Terrifying soundtrack.
  • Easy control options.


  • WASD to move.
  • Mouse to look around.
  • Use the right Mouse button to block the attack.
  • Use the left Mouse button to attack.
  • X button to expose.
  • Space bar to jump.

Gameplay Video