MooMoo Unblocked Free Unblocked is one of those building games of any kind to collect resources and create your own kingdom. Embark on an interesting adventure to build and repel the attacks of your enemies. Hit the trees and collect wood, rocks, and other resources to build the village. Use the different resources and items that you will collect to build walls, houses, and windmills. You can use windmills to boost your HP.

Moreover, hit trees in order to be able to get food. Explore a vast world with a very simple and fun gameplay. Also, enjoy beautiful graphics and wonderful designs with a unique style within the game. Collect rewards and coins and use them to develop and upgrade your village. Play online through our website using any modern browser and enjoy the adventure.

About MooMoo Online is a great game for building simulators of type A or for creating your own village. There are a lot of smartphone users who love construction and simulation games. Games like this allow you to explore your own world, build your empire, and collect resources to use for upgrades and building houses. Building games are also considered one of the most popular games on Android and iOS, and are preferred by millions of players from around the world.

But what do you think about trying a game that combines building and IO games in the same gameplay? Yes, through MooMoo, you can collect the most exciting gameplay elements in one game developed by Sidney de Vries. In a short time, the game won the admiration of many and is now available online without downloading. This game will make you addictive and want to check out your village day by day. Your main task in is to collect different resources and materials to use in construction.

For example, collect wood and cement, build small houses, and expand your village. Also, craft weapons and use them to defend yourself from your neighbors. Where your neighbors can become aggressive sometimes. You will enjoy attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and great visual and sound effects. The game is designed in a cartoon style that suits your tastes. Moreover, the game has easy control options, a rich user interface, and many other features.

Gameplay Video

How To Play MooMoo Online?

You don’t need complicated steps or unfamiliar control options to start playing. MooMoo includes intuitive gameplay that is familiar to all building game lovers. You will launch into a vast world full of trees and different environments. Collect resources and raw materials, use the ax, and hammer to hit trees, and get wood. Collect nails, wire, and other items to build your village.

Must protect your village and develop and expand it. Also, build other facilities such as windmills to boost your health and strength. In addition to gardens and your own home. Choose from different upgrades when you level up. Start from scratch and build your village skillfully and develop and upgrade it. Also, use the resources to craft tools with which you can protect yourself and your empire from others.


Build Your Own Village

When you start playing MooMoo, you can move everywhere on the map in search of resources. After that, you can design your village by building small houses, windmills, and other buildings. In each new level, you can get more upgrades, and thus you can develop your village and make it a big empire.

Collect Resources And Wood

There are many different items that you can collect from the playing field. Where you can hit trees with a hammer and collect wood, raw materials, and nails that you will use for construction. Not only that, trees can be useful for you to gather fruits and eat fruits. Moreover, collect more items to build windmills which you can use to boost your HP.


The graphics inside the game are designed in an amazing cartoon style. In addition to wonderful characters and consistent colors. Moreover, enjoy great graphics and beautiful sound effects inside the gameplay. As well as, the game includes a rich screen and an updated user interface. Plus control options are intuitive and familiar to all.


  • Build your own village
  • Hit trees and collect wood.
  • Collect resources and spikes.
  • Build windmills.
  • Use upgrades and reinforcements.
  • Explore the different levels of play.
  • Protect your empire from enemy attacks.
  • Easy control.
  • Beautiful graphics.