Unblocked Free Unblocked is a multiplayer casual game that will make you have a great time playing it. You will start your life in the game as a little mouse who wants to develop yourself to become a great person. You will roam in the different maps and arenas that are designed in an attractive cartoon style and 3D effects. Eat everything in your way and avoid the larger animals.

There are many obstacles and traps that you will face. Use your skills to dodge and hide and evolve from a small mouse to a huge dragon. This game contains amazing graphics, beautiful colors, and an entertaining and entertaining game. Also, the control options are easy and familiar to all players. Get ready for this adventure and play Olan for free through your browser.

About Online is one of the cute IO games that will make you enjoy the challenge. There is no doubt that no matter how much you play games developed with high technologies and with high quality, you will one day want to play classic casual games. Where these games help you to relax and get rid of the pressures of life. It also includes an interesting and classic game that makes you enjoy your time. One of the best of these games is, which was developed by Stan Tatarnykov. If you have played snake games before then this game will be very familiar to you.

Where you can move everywhere in search of food, all the food and fruit randomly located on the board. But avoid animals and larger organisms. When you start playing, you will play as a small mouse that wants to gradually develop into a huge animal. Therefore, you must eat and avoid being eaten in order to reach what you want. All the players on are cute animals and huge creatures. Eat the light green opponents and nullify the red ones to increase your size. You will feel a unique impression while playing with the sound and visual effects. In addition to beautiful graphics, 3D designs, and other features.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online?

Casual games are classic games that do not require a lot of skill to play. Where the idea of these games depends on the simple and entertaining game method. At the same time, you have fun, take on exciting challenges and explore new levels. Same thing on Where you can walk in a huge board that contains a lot of fruits, food, and other animals. You will start playing as a little mouse. Your main task is to eat everything in the way of your size.

For example, eat berries, cherries, and fruits. The more you eat, the faster you will lengthen and grow in size. You can drink water to continue using the speed boosters. Besides, evolve into a fox, lion, crocodile or even a huge dragon. At the beginning of playing, it will be easy. But when you explore more levels of play, your task will start to become more difficult and the challenge will be more dangerous. Must avoid traps and large creatures in order to survive.


Eat And Don’t Be Eaten

On, you will start the challenge under the slogan of survival of the fittest. Where you will explore a large arena full of other animals and food. You must move carefully to take the small clue at the beginning of the game. The bigger you are, the more animals you can eat. It also gradually evolved into giant creatures. But avoid not being eaten when your size is small so that you can survive.

Evolve Into A Dragon

When you start playing you will be a little mouse. But as time passes and you eat more fruits and berries you will increase in size so that you can eat more of the other items on the board. You can evolve into a cat, rabbit, horse or crocodile until you reach the dragon leader and become invincible and be able to eat anything on your way.


Such games contain stunning graphics and attractive design of all elements within the gameplay. That’s why has great graphics and attractive visual and sound effects. Also, there are different battlefield designs with different maps. In addition to a rich screen and a familiar user interface for everyone.


  • Explore the battlefield.
  • All the little creatures and the fruit.
  • A large number of animals and dangers.
  • Develop yourself gradually.
  • Become unrecognizable.
  • Use your style to survive.
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics.
  • Smooth control.