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Run 3 Unblocked Free

Run 3 Unblocked is one of the very entertaining and fun running games. Explore the world of outer space and control a tiny alien in an open world and endless runner. Must be more skillful in running to avoid holes and large potholes. There are many levels that you can explore. In each level within the game, you will find a variety of environments and new designs.

The game contains an enthusiastic soundtrack while playing. Also, this gameplay will make you enjoy relaxation and get rid of the stresses of life. Enjoy simple graphics, smooth controls, and a familiar user interface. Enjoy playing through our online website without downloading in order to enjoy the best experience.

About Run 3

Run 3 Online is one of the great classic arcade games that will make you addicted to play. Running games are among the most popular games on different operating systems. Whether now or even several years ago. As you enjoy focusing on the main character and running non-stop avoiding obstacles, traps, and difficult obstacles on the way. But in this game, you will enjoy a new game design based on dynamic movements that do not always depend on the laws of physics. Because the events of the gameplay are taking place in the world of outer space.

The game was developed by Joseph Cloutier, and now you can enjoy playing online for free. At the beginning of the game, you will pass through less difficult levels, you must avoid falling into holes and large holes. Jump and move around to stay in your lane. If you hit the walls, the screen will rotate and you will stay in your lane. But if he falls into one of the pits, you will start the level from the beginning. Run 3 contains simple graphics, attractive gameplay, and beautiful in-game effects. Also, you will not need a lot of skills to control the main character. With intuitive control options familiar to all.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Run 3 Online?

There is not a lot to learn before you start playing Run 3. As the game includes classic gameplay with a creative and unique game idea that does not require a lot of skills. Go on your way and avoid the obstacles and holes in front of you. Enjoy the dynamic movements of the main character in the game. The more you focus, the more you will pass the first levels and will move to higher levels with wonderful environmental diversity and new designs. Keep your lane and avoid falling. Use the keys freely to control the little alien character in the game. Move along any wall to find the safest way and see how long you can survive. Run 3 contains 2 main game modes that you can choose between before starting the game.


Explore The World Of Outer Space

Run 3 is designed in a wonderful environment and an open world in outer space. There are many paths that you can explore. Navigate through obstacles and traps, keep your lane, and explore tricky situations on your own. Jump and slide left and right and turn the screen until you reach the end of the level and move on to a new, more difficult level.

Game Modes

Run 3 includes major game modes that you can choose from them before starting the game. For example, choose the endless mode to embark on an endless journey of running and exploring the different levels of the game. In addition to the exploration mode to jump over obstacles or run along walls to change gravity to help.


The graphics of the game are designed in a very simple and attractive way. The gameplay also depends on the wonderfully dynamic and physical movements. Moreover, the screen changes shape when you hit the walls to match your running style. In addition to beautiful sound effects, smooth control, and consistent colors.


  • Run in the open space.
  • Avoid obstacles and traps.
  • Explore the different levels of play.
  • Main game modes.
  • Various environments.
  • Easy control.
  • Beautiful graphics.