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Space Invaders Unblocked

Space Invaders Unblocked is a classic and fun arcade game that contains various alien shooting levels with amazing 2D graphics. Where you can enjoy one of the exciting shooting games, explore space, and destroy all the elements and objects in front of you horizontally. Move left and right and use a variety of weapons to shoot.

At the same time, dodge the aliens’ bullets and other elements that can destroy you. This game includes simple and beautiful graphics and visual effects that will make you feel nostalgic. The game also includes easy and familiar control options for all players. Play Space Invaders online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Space Invaders

Space Invaders Online is one of the oldest arcade and shooting games that opened the way for developers to unleash their creativity in designing platform-type shooter games. As this game was the pioneer in video games, especially in the arcade and shooting genre. Such games have a special pleasure and are preferred by millions of players around the world. It also includes fun and simple gameplay and many challenges that you will pass through.

Space Invaders was developed in 1978 by Tomohiro Nishikado, which makes it one of the oldest action games ever. The game is manufactured in Japan and is licensed to the Midway division of Bally and sold by Taito. The main objective of the vessel is to defeat wave after wave of descending aliens using horizontally moving lasers and a variety of other weapons.

When you start playing it will be fun and easy. But gradually the task will become more difficult and more resilient aliens will face it. So move carefully, dodge hits, destroy all aliens, and collect as many points as possible. The power of your weapons will gradually increase, and you can get power-ups and other gifts to upgrade your power. Start the adventure now and destroy all opponents on your way.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Space Invaders Online?

Space Invaders Online is considered one of the classic games that includes intuitive controls that are familiar to all users, and you do not need a lot of time to understand the gameplay and devise your own tactics. Where you will control one of the small spaceships that move horizontally to the right and left. Moreover, you will click to shoot the aliens at the top of the screen continuously and in different directions.

All elements are organized and distributed in a coordinated manner on the screen. The aliens are trying to destroy the player’s cannon by firing projectiles, so you must dodge all hits to survive. Not only that, but your laser cannon is somewhat protected, so it might take a few hits before it gets destroyed. So you will have time to regain your strength again.

At each level of Space Invaders, you will have 3 attempts. You must eliminate all aliens before the end of 3 attempts. The difficulty of the next levels will increase and the aliens will become more powerful. All this will make you feel more excited while playing. Space Invaders control options through the directional keys and the spacebar.


  • Explore the amazing world of space.
  • Shoot the aliens.
  • Protect your spacecraft.
  • Use laser cannons to destroy everything above.
  • Explore more difficult levels.
  • Get more points.
  • Great graphics.
  • Nice sound effects.
  • Easy control.