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Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets Unblocked

Super Auto Pets Unblocked is an interesting strategic battle game between pets. Gather a powerful team of pets and lead them into fun automatic battles against your opponents, destroying them and winning them. Also, train your team, upgrade abilities, and enhance strength. In addition to adding stronger animals to your neighborhood to destroy your enemies.

Choose from the main game modes such as Arena mode or Versus mode. Explore different battlefields and enjoy the cool game elements. This game has great graphics, beautiful colors, and attractive cartoon designs. In addition to smooth and familiar control options for all players. Play Super Auto Pets online through your browser and enjoy the best gaming experience for free through our website.

About Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets Best Teams is one of Kajol’s games that includes a variety of attractive game elements. Where you can enjoy a unique adventure in building an army of familiar pets, training them, and leading them into epic battles to destroy your enemies. When the gameplay combines the elements of strategy and adventure. Then there is no doubt that you will enjoy your time while playing. Also, such games are preferred by millions of players from around the world. The game is developed by Team Wood Games. In a short time, the game has become available on many different platforms and operating systems.

If you want to be a real hero and build an army of adorable pets that you can lead into fierce battles against your opponents. In this game, you will play in asynchronous matches. After you build your team, you can start auto-combat and achieve victory. The strength of your team plays a big role in deciding every battle. Then let things go and see if you can win against real players. There are many players around the world that you can face in this game. Therefore, prepare well before each match and choose the animals that you include in your team carefully in order to build an invincible team, destroy all your opponents, and get the largest possible number of points and prizes.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Super Auto Pets Online?

Play the role of a great leader and build a team of wonderful pets, train them, and lead them into fierce battles against your opponents. Once you start playing, you can start building a team of various animals, such as rabbits, dogs, tigers, sheep, and others. After that, choose your team members for each battle. When you select animals, asynchronous out-of-the-box battles will start. You may select all the animals to face the other in the opponent team. If you managed to destroy the other animals, you can continue until the member of your team is destroyed.

In the end, the player who manages to keep the maximum number of players on his team will win the challenge. Super Auto Pets hard mode contains 2 main game modes, each mode differs in terms of gameplay factors and battle characteristics. It’s all at your own pace in this cool, free auto-combat. So prepare well for every battle and use your own strategy and style to win every match.


Epic Pet Battles

Super Auto Pets contains an innovative gameplay idea that allows you to command an army of different pets. Which you will later lead to fierce battles against your opponents and other players from around the world. Train on solid tactics to apply in every battle. In addition to enhancing the strength of your team and character to destroy all competitors in the blink of an eye.

Build A Team Of Pets

Each player on Super Auto Pets has a dedicated team of pets consisting of a certain number based on each match. Based on that, you can choose different types of animals to include in your team. For example, play with sheep, tigers, beavers, rhinos, goats, turtles, crabs, and other animals.

Game Modes

When you start playing, you can choose from the main game modes. For example, in arena mode, you must win 10 different matches to achieve victory over your opponent. Moreover, play Versus mode and join up to 8 other players in multiplayer battles with other users from around the world to beat them.


Enjoy amazing graphics in Super Auto Pets, and explore a wonderful cartoon world with lots of visual and sound effects during battles. In addition to the unique design of the characters in a beautiful cartoon style. The game includes a rich user interface and an interesting and fun game. In addition to smooth control and automatic factors in each match.


  • The most exciting pet battles.
  • Challenge other players.
  • Build your own team.
  • Explore different battlefields.
  • Collect bonuses and prizes.
  • Get the gems for building the deck.
  • Get weekly packages.
  • Epic fight.
  • Attractive sound and visual effects.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Easy control.