Unblocked Online Unblocked is an epic battle royale shooting game to immerse yourself in exciting multiplayer battles. Explore the various maps to play, pick up a weapon, and go to the battlefield to destroy your opponents. You must survive to the end of the challenge in order to be able to win. Move everywhere randomly to get a stronger weapon and ambush your enemies.

Use your skills to move quickly, hide and destroy other players around you. If you manage to survive to the end of the battle, you will win and get more coins and rewards. The game includes a wonderful world of cartoons and 2D effects. In addition to high-quality graphics, smooth controls, and an intuitive user interface. Play Survivio online through our website by Google Chourm, Firefox, Edge, and enjoy the best gaming experience.

About Online Unblocked Online is an interesting and exciting adventure game to explore the most fun and exciting battles in a variety of game maps. At the present time, you will find tens or even hundreds of famous FPS and shooting games that attract millions of players. But each game differs in terms of features, design, graphics, and gameplay. If you want to experience one of the best battle royale shooting games. would be the perfect solution. The game was developed by Kongregate Inc, and now there are more than 110 million players playing this game. The game revolves around epic multiplayer battles between small cartoon characters on different battlefields. You can choose the game mode at the beginning and then plunge into the fiercest battles.

Explore the map and find a more powerful weapon or steal the weapons of those killed in battle. Moreover, Surviv includes a PvP mode for you to join 99 other players in a long-term battle for survival. Where the battle is divided into two teams 50vs50. Not only that, but pick up different types of rifles and pistols and upgrade them. Fight quickly, kill your enemies, and stay until the end of the battle to win rewards and achieve victory.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Online?

You will not need a lot of experience and skill to start playing The game offers smooth and familiar gameplay and intuitive control options. All you have to do is drop to the map, pick up your weapon, and then plunge into epic shooting battles to destroy your opponents and become the winner. Your main task is to defend yourself and protect yourself from being shot, find anything that can be useful, and use it to fight.

Use a booster bandage that can boost your health during battles, direct other players, and shoot at him. In addition to the ability to carry two weapons with you when you move through the four areas of the game such as ice, snow, water, and farm. Time is very important on Survivio, as you can interact with the environment around you for sleep, defense, or survival. One of the most important features of Surviv is the different game modes that you can choose from when you start playing. Advantages

Awesome Battles Royal

Join the amazing world of, carry a powerful weapon, and go to the battlefield to track down your opponents. Use your aiming and maneuvering skills and shoot your enemies everywhere. You can move randomly on the map to reach your enemies and search for stronger weapons or take advantage of other necessary items that will help you achieve victory.

4 Different Game Modes has 4 main game modes to choose from. The first mode is the solo mode, and it is considered of the most popular main modes. The second mode is the duo mode. In this mode, you can play with a friend of yours or another random person. The game includes a squad mode, in this mode, create a team of 4 people and set out to confront the opponent team. One of the best game modes is the 50v50 mode. Where you can join 99 other players in battle royale battles and survive the strongest.


There are a lot of different types of weapons that are distributed randomly on the map. Also, in the event that one of your opponents is killed, you can pick up a weapon. For example, you will find guns such as SMG, Ak-47, M1, and other pistols, and other snipers.


Surviv contains creative and beautiful drawings of small cartoon characters. In addition to a variety of environments and a map system that includes many wonderful battlefields. In addition to high-quality graphics and amazing visual and sound effects.


  • Online multiplayer battles.
  • Join 100 players in battle royale battles.
  • Various game modes.
  • Strong arsenal of weapons.
  • Use your tactics to win.
  • Share the game with your friends.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Easy control.