Tanko.io Unblocked

Tanko.io Unblocked is the ultimate multiplayer tank battle game. Where you can form a team of 5 players and go to the tank battlefields against other teams. Use your attack and defense strategy and shoot your opponents’ tanks. Your main task is to destroy the opposing team’s base in order to win the battle. There are plenty of epic PVP battles waiting for you.

Moreover, boost your strength and collect power-ups during battle. This game will take you in wonderful graphics, beautiful colors, and diverse battlefields. In addition to amazing audio and visual effects. The game includes easy and familiar control options for all players. Play Tanko.io online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Tanko.io

Tanko.io Online is one of the fun action games that will lead you to the fiercest tank battles against opponents from all over the world. These games are considered the most popular icon of iO games. It is also played by millions of players from all over the world. Not to mention that action games and tank battles in themselves are considered some of the most fun and exciting strategic games. So, you are now about to experience one of the most intense and fun tank battle games.

Tanko.io was developed by RedEye Productions in 2018. Currently, the game is available in HTML 5 format and you can enjoy playing through your browser. As Tanko.io is supported by many different platforms. Tanko io relies on MOBA’s epic gameplay. Where you can build your own team and face other teams on a huge battlefield. Moreover, apply your strategy and use your tactics during the battle to protect your base.

Moreover, advance toward your opponents’ bases and destroy them to win each battle. Get more rewards, collect reinforcements from the battlefield, and defeat all your enemies. There are many different styles of tanks that you can include in your team. Start this fun challenge now and destroy all the bases and tanks of other teams and dominate the battlefield.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Tanko.io Online?

When you start playing Tanko.io, you will explore a different battlefield in each challenge. Your main task is to build a strong team of other players to be ready to confront your enemies. Use the WASD keys to move freely everywhere. Plus, use the left mouse button to shoot. Not only that, but there are a lot of boxes and reinforcements that were distributed randomly in the arena.

Every time you pick up a new item, it can help you boost the power of your ammunition, protect your tank from being shot, or obtain a powerful cannon to destroy your opponents. The main mode in the game is the multiplayer PVP mode. Each battle consists of 10 players who are divided into two teams. The team that destroys the other team’s base will be the winner and will move on to a new battle. Defeat all your enemies and become invincible.


  • Epic multiplayer tank battles.
  • Gather a team of 5 players in each battle.
  • Use your strategy to attack.
  • Use your tactics to destroy enemy bases.
  • Collect reinforcements during battle.
  • Different tank mixes to choose from.
  • Upgrade tanks.
  • Great graphics.
  • Beautiful effects.
  • Familiar control options for everyone.

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