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Text Twist Unblocked

Text Twist Unblocked is the most fun and exciting game of letters and words. Where you can test your concentration and intelligence in collecting and assembling words from a variety of letters in each level. You will have a certain time for you to extract as many words as possible from the number of 6 letters. If you manage to collect all the words, you win.

Achieve the highest ranking, get the best rating, and move on to the next level. The game has a rich screen and a fun and entertaining gameplay. Plus high-quality graphics and great in-game effects. Explore your knowledge in collecting words and test your intelligence now. Play Text Twist online through our website and enjoy the best experience through a browser.

About Text Twist

Text Twist Online is one of the very fun casual puzzle games. Puzzle games, war games, and word games are among the most fun puzzle games. As you not only spend an enjoyable time playing, but you also hone your mental skills and train your mental abilities to deduce words and improve your intelligence level. Such games are often for adults. But Text Twist is suitable for adults and children. If you think you are ready for such a challenge. Then you can start playing and test your cultural knowledge in many different areas.

Text Twist was developed by GameHouse, and now the game is available online and is not supported by many different platforms. Your main task is to extract as many words as possible from several letters in each round. You will have a specific time to collect the words. If you are smart enough, you can get the highest points and collect all the available words before the time limit ends. There are also auxiliary means in Text Twist, such as the twist feature, which works to mix letters when you stumble and get out of difficult situations. Start playing now and have fun.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Text Twist Online?

You will not need much explanation to understand how you can play Text Twist. All you have to do is focus well in order to be able to extract as many words as possible from the available letters. When the challenge starts, you will have 120 seconds in each challenge. There are 6 squares in front of you, and in each square there is a specific letter.

Through your cultural inventory, you can extract the correct words from these letters. It may be simple and easy at first, but as you progress, the task will become more difficult. So you have to be somewhat proficient in English if you want to go far. Use your creative language skills to find different words. Timed rounds are added for more pressure and excitement. Start the challenge now and test your knowledge.


  • Use your language skills to search for words.
  • Extract as many words as possible from the letter boxes.
  • Test your cultural knowledge.
  • Get the highest rating.
  • Develop your mental abilities.
  • Rich screen.
  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Smooth control.