Airmash Unblocked

Airmash Unblocked is an action game that will lead you into intense aircraft battles. Enjoy epic air battles, choose your favorite plane, and destroy all other enemies in the sky. Run across different maps and use your maneuvering skills to avoid attacks.

In addition to using precise aiming skills to fire missiles at other aircraft everywhere. This game includes simple graphics and a wide gameplay. Moreover, the game includes very easy control options. Play Airmash online through our website and get the best experience.

About Airmash (Airma. Sh)

Airmash ( Online is an epic plane battle game that will bring you a lot of excitement while playing. There are a lot of different airplane games out there right now. Including simulation games or action and shooting games. Both of them are considered among the most popular games on different operating systems. Airplane games also attract millions of players from different places around the world.

Where you can enjoy high technologies while playing, controlling the sky, managing battles, and other tasks. One of the most prominent of these simple games that you can play is Airmash. The game was developed by Five Sigma in 2017. Since 2019 the game is available in HTML 5 format. Moreover, play using your browser without downloading. When you start playing, you will go to a vast battlefield.

So you will have to use your skills and the capabilities of your plane to launch missiles and bombs at other planes. The more planes you destroy, the more rewards and achievements you get. Not only that, but upgrade and customize your plane to become stronger. Start the battle now and dominate the sky.

How To Play Airmash?

All you have to do is destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible during the battle. As Airmash will lead you to the most intense aircraft battles. Use your aiming and maneuvering skills to launch missiles and dodge strikes from your opponents. At the same time, this game does not require a lot of skills or complex control options. Don’t forget the upgrade options to raise your plane’s level and make it more effective during war.


  • Intense aircraft battles game.
  • Destroy as many planes as possible.
  • Use gestures and maneuvers to avoid missiles.
  • Dominate the sky.
  • Use upgrade options.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Easy control options.


  • Use the WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Ctrl /Shift to use special ability.
  • 1234 to choose an upgrade.
  • Space button to fire.

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Gameplay Video

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