Cuphead Unblocked

Cuphead Unblocked is one of the fun and unique action games. Where you will immerse yourself in an epic battle against different creatures and the boss in an attempt to eliminate everything in your way to achieve victory. Use your skills to jump and shoot plants and small animals to destroy them.

Also, beware of the leader and try not to get caught. Collect rewards and coins, complete tasks, and explore the different levels of play. Also, the game includes wonderful graphics in an amazing classic cartoon style. In addition to very easy control options. Play Cuphead online through our website and enjoy the best experience.

About Cuphead

Cuphead Online is one of the amazing boss fight battles that will bring you a lot of fun. We all love the wonderful classic cartoons that represent a constant part of the lives of many generations as an indispensable means of entertainment. Especially those cartoon films from the thirties and forties. There are many famous characters that still influence the impressions of children and video game fans to this day.

Accordingly, many companies have designed games in a fun, classic cartoon style that include such characters that everyone loves. One of the most prominent of these games is Cuphead. The game was developed by StudioMDHR. At the present time, the game is available online and you can easily play through your browser. Moreover, this game is supported by many platforms.

Cuphead includes an interesting plot that takes place in The Elder Kettle, which is located on Inkwell Island. Where the main character and Mugman’s brother explore the island and obtain the contract. But this adventure will lead them to confront evil and fight demons. After King Dice, which oversees the Devil’s Casino, introduced the two brothers. Then the epic journey and adventure will begin. Your main task in Cuphead is to destroy the boss and other creatures in each mission and move on to a new challenge.

How To Play Cuphead Online?

Cuphead has smooth and simple control options that do not require a lot of time to master playing skills. Must focus while playing so as not to lose. Enjoy playing cooperative multiplayer mode with your friends. There are simple control options that we will explain below.

As well as play with your friend from the same device in a very fun multiplayer mode. Retro-style graphics and music inspired by classic cartoons. Also, enjoy fast-paced battles and focus well to defeat the leader and his followers. Start playing now and enjoy this adventure.


  • A very fun and unique action game.
  • Kill the leader and his followers.
  • Explore the island.
  • Different playing levels.
  • Co-op mode to play with your friends.
  • Fast-paced battles.
  • Get new weapons.
  • Amazing cartoon graphics.
  • Easy control options.


1 Player Controls

  • Arrow buttons to move.
  • V button to use a superpower.
  • C to shrink.
  • Z to parry.
  • X to shoot.

2 Player Controls

  • Player 1 uses arrow keys to move /Player 2 uses WASD keys.
  • Player 1 uses the P button to use superpower /Player 2 uses the B button.
  • Player 1 uses I to shoot /Player 2 uses the C button.
  • Player 1 uses U to parry /Player 2 uses the X button.
  • Player 1 uses O to shrink /Player 2 uses the V button.

Gameplay Video