Axis Football League
Axis Football League
Axis Football League

Axis Football League

Axis Football League Unblocked is a very exciting and fun sports game. For all American football fans, you can build your team in this game, participate in world championships, defeat all your competitors, and collect the maximum amount of points to upgrade your team. Participate in different leagues and choose from a variety of AFL teams.

Each team differs in terms of skills, stats, and abilities that you can upgrade. Also, you can choose from a range of different games and formations before each match. The game has simple cartoon graphics and very easy control options. Play Axis Football League online now and enjoy the best experience through our website.

About Axis Football League

Axis Football League Online is a very fun and exciting game of American football. American football is one of the most popular sports in North America, especially the United States. The game was named after that. Because it is the first popular sport in the United States with basketball. Game lovers are always looking for the best gameplay to simulate the game and incite every player to get the best graphics, difference, and realistic details.

But at the same time, there are players who prefer simple games with simple gameplay, 2D graphics, and fast-paced matches. Based on this, many simple and fun American football games have been developed, such as Axis Football League. This game was developed in 2010 by Axis Games.

And since that time until now, the game has attracted many people and has become popular with millions. Moreover, enjoy the game online through your browser in order to enjoy a wonderful experience. As Axis Football League is supported by many different platforms. Start the match now and participate in the most powerful tournaments and be the best American football team.

Gameplay Video

How To Play Axis Football League Online?

There are no complicated rules or difficult control options in Axis Football League. Your main task in the game is to choose your team from among a variety of famous teams such as San Diego Storm, New England Volunteers an the New York Rockets. All these teams are different from each other in terms of players, capabilities, and skills. Moreover, you can use customization to upgrade stats and make your team invincible.

You can train your own tactics such as blocking, passing, defending, and scoring goals before each match. If you pass, you will control the next player to receive the ball. Accordingly, use the WASD keys to control the movement of the player and the ball. As well as use the mouse to scroll far. Before each match in this game, you can choose different formations and set your own plan for each match. Get ready to participate in the world championships and be the legend of American football.


  • Fun American football player.
  • Epic matches.
  • Participate in the strongest tournaments.
  • Choose your favorite team.
  • Upgrade players’ skills.
  • Different formations for each match.
  • Great graphics.
  • Easy control.
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