Basket and Ball Unblocked

Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball Unblocked

Basket and Ball Unblocked is a legendary sports game. Dribble the basketball across the roof and walls and try to put it into the goal. Jump over obstacles, levers, spikes, fire, and water to score more points. Enjoy amazing physical effects while playing and bouncing the ball. Explore 120+ diverse levels with different maps. This game includes fun graphics, 3D design, and easy control options.

About Basket and Ball

Basket and Ball Online is one of the basketball games that you will always love to play. Every day, game developers introduce a new idea for sports games in general and basketball games specifically. Basketball is considered one of the most popular games around the world, and it has huge popularity in many countries. Therefore, you always find the most popular basketball games on Android, Apple, Windows, PS, and other operating systems. Sometimes a developer uses his creativity to design a new game like no other.

This is what you will find on Basket & Ball. This game is not like other games you have tried before. But the idea of playing is a mix between basketball and fun arcade elements. There are no players and no regular basketball court. But your task is to dribble the ball across platforms, roofs, walls, and various corridors in an impossible way to get it into the goal. Not only that, but you must overcome the obstacles and traps that you will find on your way.

For example, holes, sharp teeth, obstacles, etc. At the same time, collect stars and rewards along the path. Use it to purchase upgrades and customize more options. Don’t forget to use the time-stop bonus to get out of difficult situations. Complete each level and move on to a new challenge and enjoy your time. Also, play Basket and Ball online through your browser at any time and anywhere.

How To Play Basket and Ball?

Basket & Ball depend on your own style of playing the ball, applying your skills, and executing acrobatic movements to score goals. However, the game includes very easy control options. Where you can use the arrow keys to move in the direction of the ball. While you will use the space bar to dribble the ball and pass obstacles and traps. 120 levels full of surprises and difficult challenges await. So prepare well, collect all the coins and stars, and have a good time while playing.


  • An unparalleled fun game.
  • Physics gameplay.
  • Creative challenges.
  • Complete the levels.
  • Collect stars.
  • 120+ levels.
  • Great graphics.


Sun Temple


Use the arrow keys to direct the ball, as you can use the space bar to dribble the ball.