Penalty Shootout Unblocked

Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Penalty Shootout Unblocked

Penalty Shootout Unblocked is a very fun sports game. Join the strongest football leagues around the world and choose your favorite team. Participate in tournaments, defeat your opponents, and score as many goals as you can to get points. At the same time, keep your goal clean and stop all the shots of the opposing team. Enjoy classic graphics and exciting and exciting gameplay while playing.

About Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Penalty Shootout: Multi League Online is one of the football games that will bring you a lot of fun while playing. Football games are among the best games that you can play on all different operating systems. Developers are creative in creating new ideas for playing football and enjoying an unparalleled time while playing. There is no doubt that penalty kicks are the most exciting experience you can have. So you will find hundreds of games to simulate penalty kicks, which you may have played one of them before.

But now you are about to enjoy a new game that is easy and very fun. You will not be limited to only one league or one team for you to choose. But Penalty Shootout includes multiple leagues for the strongest leagues in Europe such as England and Spain. When you start playing, you will choose the league, then you will choose your team. After that, you will determine the group you will join.

Your mission is to get the highest points to move to the knockout stages to defeat the strongest teams and win the cup. Shoot the ball accurately in the difficult corner. At the same time, your goal is red from the opponent’s shots to win the match. The game was published in 2017 on many different platforms. Play Penalty Shootout online through your browser and enjoy the best experience.

How To Play?

When you start playing, you will find at the bottom of the screen 3 moving indicators to adjust the direction, height, and speed of the ball. For example, the first choice from the left to determine the direction of the corner, the right direction to determine the strength of the ball kick, and the indicator in the middle to determine the height of the ball. So you only need the mouse to enjoy playing. It depends on making the right decision at the right time to shoot the ball accurately into the goal and score as many goals as possible.


  • A fun football game.
  • Multiple leagues.
  • Epic matches.
  • Score the most goals.
  • Simple graphics.
  • Fun gameplay.


Vladeta Marinkovic.

Release Date

May 2017


Use the mouse to play.

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